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Photo’s and what UFIT is about!


Here are some photo’s that show what we are about at UFIT, what do you reckon, can YOU hack it??

Different sessions, more FUN!!!!

UFIT, we have Fun, we work Hard, we get RESULTS!!



Why you need to know about Fast Twitch Fibres!

Fast Twitch Fibres are what? They are one of the 3 fibre types we find in our muscle structure. Slow Twitch, type I (aka oxidative being fibres that use oxygen during contraction/extension) and Fast Twitch(FT) type IIa and IIb. These FT fibres predominantly use glycogen (carbohydrate/sugar) as an energy supply for contraction/extension. FT fibres are also the type that make us go, well, fast!

Previously I have stated that fast cardio work is the most valuable type of work you can do for weight management (note I say weight management and not fat-burning…..). This is due to the presence of Growth Hormone in our endocrinal profile when we are working in this fashion as opposed to cortisol when we are doing slow, labourious cardio work.

I was watching my UFIT crew going through their paces Wednesday a.m. and after Lloyd had finished telling me my posts are too long and don’t have pictures, I realised I also needed to tell you all about why we do all that explosive speed stuff with the flexbands.

Generally we are all eating way too much carbohydrate and generally it’s poor quality CHO at that (think white rice, white bread, white pasta – yes, I’m a racist!). In effect we are generally ALWAYS in fat-storage mode. Shocking? We eat so much of this poor quality CHO that our bodies are flat out trying to process it, all the time. And if we are always sitting eating or sitting working, guess what?? Yep, STORING!!!

A great way to burn that sugar is utilising the FT fibres in our muscles with speed and power work. Just like the stuff we do in every UFIT session! Is it any wonder our Ufitters look so lean and fit (just a casual observation when seeing 1 or 2 other groups around the place…) and manage to get through so much quality work every session?? Hahaha, go UFIT!

FT Training with Flexbands

Can you be Fitter, Leaner, Stronger??

I would wager a bet that a lot of people, men and women, would firmly believe if they sorted out their diet, trained harder, didn’t drink so much/smoke, didn’t have to work so hard, didn’t have a baby keeping them awake at night etc etc, they would achieve their fitness goals. I firmly believe that all of those excuses have validity and even though I’m not a Dad, would imagine the last one being the MOST valid!

The problem is none of those need to be an excuse. It’s not being able to train it’s – how you train. I’ve blogged previously about training smart and this is part of it. But real results are achieved when you combine several factors into solid daily habits and stay the course!

What are these habits?

1. Restrict calories, NOW! I can tell you we all eat way too much food, WAY TOO MUCH!! In fact very recently the Straits Times ran a story from the U.K. that explained that a study had determined that by simply cutting back portion sizes at meal times led to a weight reduction in test subjects. No brainer? Of course so why not try it! Better still why not simply cut back on the rubbish which most peoples’ diets contains large amounts of anyway. Define rubbish?? Highly processed foods – white rice, white bread, white pasta and noodles. Obviously fast-food is another type of highly processed rubbish food that people should steer well clear of. Of course occasionally eating these kinds of foods is not placing too big a load on your calories but the problem is there is a wide variance in interpretation of the word occasional….for instance chicken rice every lunch time or spaghetti every dinner time is not occasional.

Restricting calories is easy. You just have to show some discipline. Getting rid of the rubbish is even easier. As busy professional people, most of you that read this will have deadlines, schedules, Blackberry’s, some will have P.A.’s, you have ZERO EXCUSES. Organise yourself!! THINK about what you eat. The pitfalls if you don’t are massive and it’s not just about weight. Highly processed fooods are about food additives, pesticides, artificial hormones, food substitutes and freeze-refreeze/transportation issues that go with this kind of food that we eat in Singapore and loads of other countries.

You will be amazed at how much weight you will lose by cutting back on processed foods, period.

Furthermore calorie restriction actually gives you energy. As we all EAT TOO MUCH FOOD ANYWAY the human body can worry less about processing (read, STORING) the food and more about making the body work more efficiently. I’m serious. This works I’ve researched it, I do it myself and proven it to myself – it works!

2.  Go Faster, Go Heavier. I have to say that the usual mantra of Personal Trainers in this country is high reps/low weight and slow and steady for resistance training and cardio respectively. More rubbish! I have blogged before about spiking Growth Hormone during workouts and encouraging your body to build muscle and shed fat. Heavier Weights and Faster Cardio is how it is done. Lifting heavier weights is harder, of course it is but do you want results? Or do you want to be one of these guys/girls looking pretty as you “pound” out a set of 20…..seriously, how many fibres do you recruit when you can lift any weight 20 times? How many fibres do you need to lift a weight only 5/6 times? The answer is you need MANY MORE fibres to lift a heavier weight. The body or more correctly, the endocrinal system, responds by optimising the hormonal environment to meet the demands. It’s a fact that what results is an increase in Growth Hormone levels. Another fact is the longer you stay in the gym, pumping out your 20 reps of 5 sets for 5 exercises per body part in your (ridiculous) body-part split routine, the more and more cortisol begins to accumulate and displace the Growth Hormone. The result? Fatigue, fat gain, injury and moodiness (cortisol is a stress hormone). So why do these bodybuilders all have such great physiques? Er…..let’s not go there but you can guess how they can manipulate hormones artificially. Afterall, they are clearly not going to do it naturally on the training programs they use.

It’s a similar story for cardio work. Running hard for shorter distances promotes Growth Hormone. Stressing the endocrinal system with slow long-distance running or riding or swimming only results in one environment – one dominated by cortisol. By chopping the session up with rest periods you create a more positive, Growth Hormone-infused environment.

Guys and girls this is really how it is. You MUST cut the rubbish from your diets. You MUST change your training style to one that involves heavier weights and faster cardio. Two small but significant changes to daily habits will result in you achieving your goal of being Fitter, Leaner and Stronger!

And you are not alone. UFIT is here, in the Botanical Gardens, Singapore, in Fort Canning running Bootcamps and providing Personal Training. What do you have to lose? Change your habits, change your body, change your LIFE!