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Deano and I meet up from time to time, talk crap, the way you do but occasionally we actually talk a bit of business and today we talked about our business, the fitness industry. We were talking about trends and what is currently “in” and what will still be “in” next year.

Who of you train at the biggest fitness chain in Singapore? Also happens to be the biggest in the WORLD!! No names! Lol. I train there as well and love the vibe of the place, something they pull off at most of their locations. To me vibe is important, it gets people in the mood and if you’re in the mood, well, usually something happens! In this case, you get training!

Ok so in recent times, dominating the landscape in this particular location of this big chain are TRX’s. Come to think about it I have no idea what TRX stands for but it’s a long strap-thing with handles at each end, you can sling it up and do bodyweight exercises. They’re everywhere sprouting up on cable machines, pull-up machines, hanging off this, hanging off that, everywhere!

I don’t think there’s any doubt that the TRX brings benefit/adds value to a training session. The problem is I see the Personal Trainers in this gym putting the PT clients through an hour of TRX! I mean, why??

A standard PT session in the gym for the most part should feature a progressive warm-up (stretch, mobilise, activate, dynamic, core) followed by power/speed, strength and cardio endurance. This is our way, the UFIT way and it is the pathway we have embraced due to our alignment with the NASM principles of training. We studied it, we embraced it, we used it for ourselves and we now teach it in our outdoor and gym-based sessions. Ok so it might not be everyone’s way. But I have yet to find an argument for a better way. I’ve looked at all the other training certification programs, looked at the principles, read books, listened to various experts and I don’t see how any other way is as specific, systematic, comprehensive or as beneficial as this particular methodology.

So to suggest that using any one single piece of equipment to accomplish what you need to in an hour long PT session doesn’t really make sense. It actually won’t work….I’m not having a go at the guys/girls delivering such sessions, they just aren’t generally well educated and are victims of the system they are working within.

You as consumers need to be aware that if you are being delivered this kind of thing and are paying good money for it, you are wasting your money. Sorry. FAD!!!

There is a place in a PT program for TRX-type exercises, like there is for kettlebells, flexbands, Olympic bars, dumbbells, Bosu’s, wobble boards, cables etc etc. But it’s a component of the program, not THE program!!

The next fad to come along will take over the role of TRX. And then that’s what they’ll all be teaching. Do you consider yourself to be stupid? Does your Trainer? Just telling it how it is!

Find a Trainer that looks at you as unique. We all are. As a result, you need to attend to things to reach your goals in different ways to the person next to you. Your Trainer should do an assessment that uncovers all of this information. He/she should then have the skill-set to develop a plan to address the structural faults identified (we ALL have them) AND then to address the outcomes you have requested in your goals. Don’t pay lip service. I know of at least one group out there that say they undertake comprehensive assessments and fudge along doing something, but never follow through because they simply don’t know how. A shame but also very, very naughty!! But people believe them!

You’re probably a professional. You probably don’t want to take chances on your fitness and as a result, your long term health. You want to be specific in your training. You want results, you want success. It’s easy, make a professional decision!! Engage UFIT.





2 responses

  1. Dean

    I really like this post. I have to say, I love the different tools and options that the trainers have available to them now days bit as Darren mentioned here, it has it’s place. I use the TRX, Kettlebells, swissballs, medicine balls , valslides etc. But it’s all about when to use them.
    Always ask yourself this, what are your goals?
    Also, I am a firm believer in being very efficient in bodyweight exercises first. I see no point in doing heavy bench presses if you can’t do proper pushups.
    And if you think the core= 6 pack and crunches, you’re dead wrong. A pushup works the core more efficiently than a crunch by far.
    Point is, a lot of trainers make their clients do stuff that are just a waste of time.
    Goals, motivation, hardwork ,Program design n proper progressions is anytime better than just training with the latest gadget.

    April 22, 2010 at 4:10 pm

  2. Penny

    Nice one guys. Agree totally.
    It all has to have a reason and be relevant to the goal.
    Mixing it up is great to challenge mentally and physically but as long as it’s relevant to the program design, which yes, should be individual and not cookie cutter. It’s sad but not suprising to hear the story about the TRX. Yes it’s a great tool but nothing more.
    Another great point Dean, about bodyweight exercises. What is functional training if it doesn’t start with being able to push, pull or squat your own body through FULL ranges of movement? There’s some great progression work for the ‘big 6’ bodyweight exercises in ‘Convict Conditioning’ by Paul Wade if you’re interested in some bedtime reading.
    Miss you guys!

    April 23, 2010 at 8:53 am

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