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Fat Loss Seminar, abbreviated….

Right oh! I am in the mood! YOU want to lose fat? It’s a very SIMPLE process. You reduce the volume of food you eat, now. I don’t need to know anything about WHAT you’re eating, what time of the day you eat carbs, if you drink enough water, if your mother’s uncles father was fat. If you’re overweight/a little fat/obese and you want to shift fat quickly AND safely, reduce your eating v o l u m e!!

Ok so it’s simplistic and it doesn’t address a significant problem with a lot of people = hormonal balance. But you will see a change, quickly and once you see the change, we can start looking at factors after that. Hormones being the key factor.

Too many women (and some men) do TOO MUCH CARDIO believing they will “burn fat”!!!!!!!!!! Cardio does NOT BURN FAT!! This is a fact! Different kinds of training, including specific cardio work such as fartleks and interval work, stimulate growth hormone. Excessive, long duration cardio stimulates cortisol. Heavy lifting recruits a lot of muscle fibres, working muscles maximally, stimulating growth hormone. High rep-range weight training with light weight stimulates cortisol. So cortisol, growth hormone……

GROWTH HORMONE = MUSCLE DEVELOPMENT/FAT LOSS (MEN = STRENGTH/LEAN MASS; WOMEN = SHAPE AND TONE). So why do men have a different result to women? Again hormones, men have plenty of testosterone, women don’t and testosterone will ensure muscle GROWTH.


So very quickly. Creating a growth hormone dominant environment for men and women means fat will reduce and muscles will develop! If you are not training properly and eating smart you maybe in a cortisol dominant environment.

It starts with not being greedy and understanding that eating food is providing fuel for our bodies and not about making us feel good. Sure indulge occasionally but you cannot overdo it. I see shocking food choices all the time by a lot of people and they wonder why they’re fat?

Real Food! Less of it! And reduce a l c o h o l…..

There is no secrets out there to fat-loss. It’s about being smart and listening to people that know what they’re talking about 🙂 But like anything it takes work and belief. Do YOU believe??



UFIT Run, Thursday June 24, 2010

Well UFIT Run #4 was a great success with 6 Ufitters in attendance and more records tumbling. Knotty’s away in a Winnebago for 4 weeks he may find himself with a lot of work in front of him when he gets back!! He still holds a firm grip on Main St (aka the House Run) with an impressive 2min 56 but otherwise he is off the Top Times list.

Last night saw the introduction of a new strategy by Jason. Flat out on 1 run a week and the strategy paid off (if NOT somewhat possibly in the spirit of the run….lol) as he collected the TT for No Picnic at Raffles. He dragged Deutscher along as well on that one with Adam getting a second equal matching Perk’s outstanding 1min 29 last week. Jason’s time? 1 min 25!!!

Deutscher did nail one himself, the Stairway to Heaving, smashing Perk’s record from last week by 4 seconds! Patrick also beat Perk’s record but only by 2 to nail down #2 spot on the TT’s for Heaving.

Patrick whilst not having any top spots does have 3 second’s to his name so very consistent work!

In the women’s section Zu still holds all 6 records but Tango and Nicole looked excellent last night. Nicole improved her 3rd best time on Heaving by 8 secs! She also improved her long run on Big Monster by 33 seconds!! But last night Tango was the star performer netting 4 seconds in behind Zu’s times in a really consistent effort. Well done Tango!

Ok so results –

Stairway to Heaving Adam 0:01:18 Patrick 0:01:20 Nick 0:01:32 Jason 0:01:38 Tango 0:01:52 Nicole 0:01:58 Main Steet Patrick 0:03:03 Nick 0:03:12 Jason 0:03:30 Adam 0:03:36 Tango 0:04:06 Nicole 0:04:36 No Picnic at Raffles Jason 0:01:25 Adam 0:01:29 Patrick 0:01:39 Nick 0:01:39 Tango 0:02:06 Nicole 0:02:11 The Hexing Vex Jason 0:01:58 Nick 0:02:02 Patrick 0:02:13 Adam 0:02:14 Tango 0:02:44 Nicole 0:02:49 Hill St Blues Adam 0:02:42 Patrick 0:02:51 Nick 0:03:09 Jason 0:03:43 Tango 0:03:47 Nicole 0:03:55 Big (kinda) Monster Nick 0:04:43 Patrick 0:05:15 Jason 0:05:23 Tango 0:06:27 Nicole 0:06:51 Adam

Check out the Top Times at our website!!



Lean and Mean

Lean and Mean. I believe a lot of Ufitters and people that just want to get fit perhaps aspire to this mantra. I know I do 🙂

To me lean and mean conjures up my lifestyle. I try and eat lean and try and train mean. Ok, so that sounds a tad corny but it’s my mantra!

Eat Lean = is essentially eating reduced calories. I challenge YOU to eat HALF of what you eat for the next 2-3 days. Just.Try.It!! You will be amazed at how GOOD you feel, seriously. Why? Because basically we are too greedy and eat too much resulting in a state where we are constantly storing food/energy. So our body is overworked storing and it struggles to find opportunities to tend to other business like tissue repair, maintaining the immune system, processing waste and other important functions. I’m serious about this, the body is a machine and proper functioning is seriously affected when it’s overworking dealing with making you fat.

The other part to eating lean is try and cut back on simple carbohydrates or more correctly, high glycaemic index (GI) carbohydrates. These high GI carbs are really only beneficial to us during or immediately after exercise and ONLY if the exercise is rigorous. Like UFIT is 🙂 Most other times low and medium GI carbs should be the food of choice firstly and secondly, naturally occuring foods. Like fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

It’s the same for protein and fat. Lean is best. So if you must eat meat and I know, most of you must, eat animals that move. Kangaroo, venison (deer meat), fish and chicken (free range chicken by definition move, unlike the poor critters that get stuffed into huge sheds with no lighting, poor ventilation and sanitation and their neighbours squashed in all around them. It’s called modern, profitable farming. Don’t mention the feed). Pork=Bad. Beef=Bad. Mutton (sheep)=better than the other 2 🙂

Train Mean=high intensity training. Ok, so some of us aren’t (yet) built for too intense stuff and some of us that are, get injured when we push it….So warm-up better. Integrated warm-ups are the only way to ensure you can train at the intensity you need to be at, without suffering injuries. What is an integrated warm-up? Roll, stretch, mobilise/activate, dynamic=GO!! Obviously we can show you how at UFIT or you can Google the terms and do your own research. An integrated warm-up will allow you to train harder which will result in better gains in your program and keep you healthier at the same time. 10 minutes on the bike/treadmill (bloody treadmills, please don’t use them anyway they ruin your kinetic chain) and a quick stretch is a warm-up from the dark ages, don’t be a neanderthal!!

When training use Olympic lifts as your staple, deadlifts, cleans, push-presses, bench press, squats, lunges and other barbell/dumbbell lifts such as bentover rows and overhead presses. Go heavy and go low reps, 4-6/8 reps max and mix it up. You MUST stimulate MAXIMUM muscle fibres, only achievable with lower reps. This will result in much more muscle fibre recruitment and a greater surge in Growth Hormone, and GH baby is what it is all about! We all have it stored up there in the grey matter, we just gotta unlock it!

When doing cardio, get outside and get going fast! Use hills and stairs and run combinations of single steps/double steps to fire fast twitch fibres and burn the sugar! Sugar in our diets is ever-present, lets use it before it gets stored away! Jump stairs, jump rope, jump into longer, harder runs as well. Try and include initially 400 metre hard runs, then try 800, 1500 and even throw in some 2 even 3 km hard runs. They really blow out the cobwebs and over time, build up an anaerobic machine!!

The great news is for really tough workouts you can do UFIT Run and UFIT Black and Blue which do all of the stuff I’ve just been talking about. Plus you do it with others and it makes it that much more fun! Have a look at the categories on the right and click on UFIT Run for some Blog stuff including times for our recent sessions.

UFIT means Lean and Mean, get into it!!



Research into Organic Food

Man I am a bad guy!! It’s been an age since I blogged and I’ve had a bee under my bonnet for a while, just wanting to get out…so here goes!!

I read in the ST recently that new research just published found there is no evidence that organic food has any greater nutritional value than conventionally grown food. Apparently this research collated data from a swag of studies completed on organic food Versus conventionally grown food. Did anyone see this? It had a BIG headline and was in a prominent section of the paper.

Ok so a couple of things here.

I believe most people anecdotally would feel that organic food is better for us, right or wrong? So what is the purpose of this research and who would want to see this research undertaken? I was taught always to want to try and investigate the underlying reasoning on why a piece of research is undertaken. Who will it benefit? Obviously in a lot of cases people and groups wanting to get a positive statement supporting their stance on a given matter will try and produce “evidence” that their point of view/product/service is better than an alternative, considering that that alternative may be doing nothing or maybe another product or service.

In this case I would hazard a guess that conventional farmers, concerned that their livelihoods are slowly being undermined by a trend of shoppers buying more and more organic foods, have initiated the study. This in my opinion is highly a plausible scenario. I mean it happens all the time that groups with vested interests in outcomes establish research protocols that benefit/support their stand.

Interesting in this case the PR/spin machine that has subsequently used these results and promoted them very successfully in media around the world. What for me is worrying is the angle that the reports have taken in supporting the research findings that, “there appears to be no greater nutritional value in organic foods compared to conventionally grown foods”.

Is this why people buy organic foods? Well for me it’s NOT the primary reason. For me the primary reason I buy organic foods is because the growing of the foods uses no chemical fertilisers, no antibiotics, no growth hormones, no additives to assist colour and nothing else that can contaminate the food (so obviously genetically modified foods can’t be organic, thankfully, well at least not yet. I’m sure Monsanto goons are plotting how they can do this). So my reason for buying organic food is contamination, or more correctly knowing the food is NOT contaminated!

At the very end of the report in the ST, it stated that unfortunately the research didn’t address the negative effects of all the chemicals, added hormones, medicines etc when growing conventional foods, so comparing organic food to conventionally grown food on this basis is perhaps something future research could address…..ahhhhh but in the meantime, headline browsers in the ST will have a take-home message that there’s no point paying extra for organic food.

The PR/spin doctors will get their result with the 80% of punters who really can’t be bothered reading the full article (ok so I only did because it’s important to me in my business…….). I just hope it is to you guys as well….

UFIT Run, Thursday June 17

The records keep tumbling at UFIT Run with “UFIT urbanathlete” Andy “Perks” Perkins wrecking all Top Times bar one this evening at FC. After a huge night on the sake he needed to de-tox and chose UFIT Run to do it! Patrick was hot on his heels on every run and the competition between them managed to spur them both on! Patrick snaffled 3 seconds and 2 thirds! Anita gritted teeth and stuck at it all night providing the third Ufitter in a small UFIT Run Team for session #3. She managed to grab a Top Time, a third on Hill St Blues, well done that girl!! Hopefully you guys will soon start to get behind this great session and start bumping numbers! All Top Times can be found at the UFIT website here http://www.ufit.com.sg/ufit-boot-camp-schedule.html Results !! –

Stairway to Heaving Perks 1.22 Patrick 1.25 Anita 2.08 Main Steet Perks 3.02 Patrick 3.12 Anita 5.08 No Picnic at Raffles Perks 1.29 Patrick 1.38 Anita 2.27 Hill St Blues Perks 2.37 Patrick 2.41 Anita 4.08 The Hexing Vex Perks 1.47 Patrick 1.59 Anita 3.18 Big (kinda) Monster Perks 4.37 Patrick 4.4 Anita

UFIT Run, Thursday June 10, 2010

Well what an interesting second UFIT Run we had tonight! Knotty on his 2 week sabbatical lost all but 1 of his Top Time records, Johnny snaffling 4 of them and “new guy on the block” Patrick grabbing the other on “Stairway to Heaving”. A HUGE effort from Zu grabbing all of Ciara’s Top Time’s in the women’s section. All is not lost for Chris he still has a Top Time and 3 second bests with another “n.g.o.t.b” Nick grabbing a great second best timing on “No Picnic at Raffles”!

An ultra-competitive night tonight and a lot of fun. Tony “the Machine” Markou was there or is it Tony “I Hate Running” Markou?? He kept going like a metronome as we all know Tony does. Keep Tuesday evening’s on the back-burner we may soon start UFIT Run on Tuesday evenings as well. Anyone keen on that? As usual link through to the website for Top Times in all categories – www.ufit.com.sg/ufit-boot-camp-schedule.html

Results –

Stairway to Heaving Patrick 1.29 John 1.3 Nick 1.35 Zu 1.39 Tony 1.53 Main Steet John 3.2 Nick 3.27 Patrick 3.39 Zu 3.5 Tony 4.12 No Picnic at Raffles John 1.3 Nick 1.44 Patrick 1.5 Zu 1.52 Tony 2.19 Hill St Blues John 2.56 Zu 3.06 Patrick 3.07 Nick 3.16 Tony 3.53 The Hexing Vex John 1.57 Nick 2.12 Patrick 2.15 Zu 2.16 Tony 2.45
Big (kinda) Monster John 4.52 Nick 5.06 Patrick 5.16 Zu 5.48 Tony 6.41

UFIT Run, Thursday June 3, 2010

Ok guys and girls we did it!! UFIT Run took off last night in GREAT style! Huge efforts by Chris Knott and Ciara O’Toole taking all 6 firsts in all the runs!! Close in behind were Gabby, Nicole, Jason, Rich and Johnny all putting in BIG ONES!!! Click here for the website details – www.ufit.com.sg/ufit-boot-camp-schedule.html We had 11 at the inaugural UFIT Run and I was delighted at the outcome. Tell everyone, wasn’t it good?? Lol, thanks to Jung and Audrey and Kyoo who all experienced their first taste of UFIT last night!! And a BIG thanks to Gen who recorded all times diliGENtly!!

Here are the results –

Stairway to Heaving

Chris 1.32 John 1.34 Rich 1.42 Jung 1.5 Ciara 2.02 Jason 2.05 Nicole 2.06 Gabby 2.06 Kyoo 2.27 Audrey 2.35 Kimberly 2.35 Main Steet Chris 2.56 John 2.57 Rich 3.25 Ciara 4.27 Gabby 4.28 Jung 4.4 Nicole 4.4 Jason 4.4 Kimberly 4.49 Kyoo 5.04 Audrey 5.55 No Picnic at Raffles Chris 1.51 Jason 1.59 Rich 2.01 Ciara 2.02 Jung 2.05 Gabby 2.1 Nicole 2.17 Kyoo 2.24 Kimberly 2.26 Audrey 2.43 Hill St Blues Chris 2.58 Rich 3.14 Jason 3.23 John 3.34 Ciara 3.48 Jung 4.15 Kyoo 4.15 Gabby 4.19 Nicole 4.28 Kimberly 4.35 The Hexing Vex Chris 2 Jason 2.11 John 2.13 Rich 2.17 Ciara 2.27 Gabby 2.33 Nicole 2.44 Jung 2.48 Kimberly 2.58 Kyoo 3.13 Big (kinda) Monster Chris 5.04 Jason 5.33 John 5.5 Ciara 7.22 Nicole 7.24 Kimberly 7.33 Gabby 7.54 Kyoo 7.58 Jung 8.53 Audrey 8.53