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UFIT Run, Thursday June 10, 2010

Well what an interesting second UFIT Run we had tonight! Knotty on his 2 week sabbatical lost all but 1 of his Top Time records, Johnny snaffling 4 of them and “new guy on the block” Patrick grabbing the other on “Stairway to Heaving”. A HUGE effort from Zu grabbing all of Ciara’s Top Time’s in the women’s section. All is not lost for Chris he still has a Top Time and 3 second bests with another “n.g.o.t.b” Nick grabbing a great second best timing on “No Picnic at Raffles”!

An ultra-competitive night tonight and a lot of fun. Tony “the Machine” Markou was there or is it Tony “I Hate Running” Markou?? He kept going like a metronome as we all know Tony does. Keep Tuesday evening’s on the back-burner we may soon start UFIT Run on Tuesday evenings as well. Anyone keen on that? As usual link through to the website for Top Times in all categories – www.ufit.com.sg/ufit-boot-camp-schedule.html

Results –

Stairway to Heaving Patrick 1.29 John 1.3 Nick 1.35 Zu 1.39 Tony 1.53 Main Steet John 3.2 Nick 3.27 Patrick 3.39 Zu 3.5 Tony 4.12 No Picnic at Raffles John 1.3 Nick 1.44 Patrick 1.5 Zu 1.52 Tony 2.19 Hill St Blues John 2.56 Zu 3.06 Patrick 3.07 Nick 3.16 Tony 3.53 The Hexing Vex John 1.57 Nick 2.12 Patrick 2.15 Zu 2.16 Tony 2.45
Big (kinda) Monster John 4.52 Nick 5.06 Patrick 5.16 Zu 5.48 Tony 6.41

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