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Ok so I have been banging on a bit about consumption of food and how we all generally eat too much. I have posted numerously that as an experiment you could all conduct, drop your consumption of food by half. That is, only eat half of what you normally would do for say 4 days or so. And then evaluate how you feel, your energy levels, how you wake up, concentration levels etc, your general well-being. Did anyone do it??

Interestingly in the past 2 weeks I have put on 1 kg, I normally range around 82.5kg and now I’m definitely in the 83.5 bracket. And I heard that my UFIT members say I’m losing too much weight! I am certainly in the 12-13% body-fat range, based on the wholly unreliable hand-held device but whatever. If I go up to 15% I can be sure I have put on 2 or 3 points and that’s really what I’m most concerned with rather than exactly where I started. These devices are reliable enough for that test-retest stuff. I put the increase down to less running these past 2 weeks.

What I really wanted to tell you here was exactly what I eat everyday on average, just so you’re clear that you’re eating too much ๐Ÿ™‚

630am – protein shake with water and greens/fruits concentrated powder, added vitamin C plus some other vitamins and minerals

830/9am – small bowl of organic cereal with regular full-fat milk

Post Training (gym session/run) – Ready to Drink (RTD) protein shake. This is usually 12pm

2-3pm – Small vegetable quiche from Starbucks and a coffee OR eggs/baked beans made at home

4-5pm – apple

8-9pm – 150 grams of cashew nuts and sometimes also or sometimes only the same protein shake I have at 630am

And that is it!!

And I have put on weight recently! What does this tell you? It tells you several things –

  1. If you eat a lot of processed foods your body is struggling to process them and as a result you’re storing the food as fat (processed foods=pasta, bread, white rice, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, sauces, dressings etc). There is not a lot of processed foods in my diet.
  2. Do you eat based on your stomach rumbling and you saying, “oh shit, better grab something”?
  3. If your main meal of the day is dinner, you’re whacking in way to many calories at totally the wrong time of the day.
  4. If you drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day, you’re hammering your hormones and your endocrinal system is in a state of confusion.
  5. If you eat more than what I am eating you really probably are eating way too much food!

We have been misled for a long time as to what a calorie is and what importance/role it should play in our lives. It’s a measure, that’s it. It’s an arbitrary measure like body-fat percentage. I’ve even heard and probably even used it myself in the context of “good calories and bad calories”. You could just substitute food for calories and say good food and bad food!

  • Base your food choices on whole foods, real foods!
  • Omit sauces, spreads and dressings, they’re just crap that make shareholders rich, shareholders in food companies, drug firms and private hospitals mainly…..
  • Don’t buy fat-reduced, fat-free, skim this and skim that, it’s processed and probably has added sugar!
  • The bad and I mean REALLY bad shit is bread, especially white bread, pasta and white rice. These are just sugar, straight into your system and spiking insulin and looking to power muscles and if it’s night time and there’s only sleep on the cards, you’re storing it! It’s FAT making FOOD!!
  • Caffeine stirs the adrenals so you get a buzz and hunger signals get bypassed and you never end up eating, until you hit the wall and eat 2 meals in one…..and store most of it!
  • Drink more water and less of everything else, we have to flush the system people!
  • And simply reduce your food intake.

If you follow these recommendations I’m sure not only will you lose the excess baggage but you will feel better and perform better! And please tell me how you go I’m happy to talk about it!



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UFIT Run, Thursday July 29, 2010

What a session!! We had 9 Ufitters, excellent numbers so thanks guys!ย We kicked off an hour early due to UFIT Re-Tox (awesomeeeeee ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and I believe this helped somewhat with visibility. Plus it was DRY! Do we want to start UFIT Run at 7pm? yes…no?? Anyway, records tumbled!! Firstly Carolyn Pryor nailed down the top women’s TET with a Total Elapsed Time of 16 mins 52 secs!! Awesome stuff. She also improved several of her TT’s.ย Chris Knott ran into second place on the men’s TET’s with a Total Elapsed Time of 15 mins 14 secs splitting Perks original top 2 TET’s in the process. Andy Perkins lost his last Top Time to Johnny Ray who claimed his second TT in 2 weeks this one on Vexing Hex with a marvelous time, 7 seconds quicker than the English Whippet! JR now holds 2 TT’s the only male to do so. So Perks has no TT’s left but still leads Total Elapsed Time in the Mens section. Knotty equalled Adam Deutsch’s TT on Heaving to share the top spot on the stairs. Nat Anderson rocked up last night for the first time and claimed all 6 third place TT’s in the womens section and Neal Sullivan, also on debut at UFIT Run grabbed a third on Heaving. Other notable contributions from Diana Fox and a HUGE well done to Tony Markou and Anita Downey, each completing 9 UFIT’s on the bounce!! They started last Saturday morning and did the 2 Saturday sessions, 1 each Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and 2 UFIT’s each Wednesday and Thursday. UNBELIEVABLE!! Well done to you 2 “Hard.As” warriors! Oh andย Jason Parry rocked up telling us he is an ideas man but with no action, so he’s slacktion, Merriam Webster we take claim to this new word! And Jas let’s hope your boss doesn’t read this blog!

Ok check out the Top Times here, all the TET’s and last nights times follow –

Total Elapsed Times – Men

Perks 0:14:54, 17.06.10 Chris 0:15:14, 29.07.10 Perks 0:15:27 , 01.07.10 Patrick 0:15:35 , 17.06.10 Johnny 0:15:47 , 29.07.10 Johnny 0:16:05, 10.06.10 Johnny 0:16:07, 15.07.10 Neal 0:16:16, 29.07.10 Nick 0:16:17, 24.06.10 Chris 0:16:19, 22.07.10

Total Elapsed Times – Women

Carolyn 0:16:52 , 29.07.10 Zu 0:18:31 , 10.06.10 Carolyn 0:18:37 , 08.07.10 Natalie 0:19:13 , 29.07.10 Tango 0:20:51 , 08.07.10

UFIT Run Times, 29.07.10

Stairway to Heaving Chris 0:01:18 Neal 0:01:25 JR 0:01:29 Carolyn 0:01:34 Jason 0:01:38 Tony 0:01:42 Natalie 0:01:43 Anita 0:02:08 Diana 0:02:17 Main Steet JR 0:02:58 Chris 0:03:10 Neal 0:03:25 Jason 0:03:28 Carolyn 0:03:30 Natalie 0:03:56 Tony 0:04:33 Diana 0:05:02 Anita 0:05:11 No Picnic at Raffles Chris 0:01:30 JR 0:01:39 Jason 0:01:40 Neal 0:01:43 Carolyn 0:01:44 Natalie 0:01:57 Tony 0:02:16 Diana 0:02:21 Anita 0:02:30 Hill St Blues Chris 0:02:35 JR 0:02:44 Neal 0:02:51 Carolyn 0:02:52 Natalie 0:03:20 Jason 0:03:40 Tony 0:03:50 Anita 0:04:18 Diana 0:04:31 The Hexing Vex JR 0:01:40 Chris 0:01:54 Neal 0:02:03 Jason 0:02:08 Carolyn 0:02:10 Natalie 0:02:26 Tony 0:02:38 Diana 0:02:59 Anita 0:03:15 Big (kinda) Monster Chris 0:04:47 Neal 0:04:49 Carolyn 0:05:02 JR 0:05:17 Jason 0:05:48 Natalie 0:05:51 Tony 0:06:48 Anita 0:07:38 Diana 0:08:11

Lifting information

Ok so by now a few of you have seen the lifting video’s posted over the past weekend. UFIT wants to share with you all as much as we can as a kind of value-added arrangement. We know you would all LOVE to do Personal Training with our man Dean but

  • cost (even though he is the best value-for-money Trainer in Singapore!!),
  • timings (Dean will have a partner working with him in the gym very soon!),
  • the gym environment,

potentially all work against us in convincing you to come and do UFIT PT ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean Dean and I will argue all day that nearly ALL OF US need corrective work, even if it’s minor but 80% of us have poor functioning posture, so we need it. FACT. As I know of maybe only 1 or 2 other Trainers in Singapore doing Posture Analysis and Movement Screens in their assessment procedure there’s an awful lot of you out there doing PT with Trainers that don’t really know anything about how your kinetic chain is functioning. Not only is that a shame, it’s wrong and potentially very harmful.

BUT some of you won’t be told! And we know some of you actually do work with Dean but want reminders on the lifts.

The most important consideration with lifting is –

  • You lift heavy, not so heavy you compromise form (form as demonstrated by the videos) but heavy in thatย you recruit maximum muscle fibres because more recruitment means more energy expenditure and much greater potential for change (Men=Size, Women=Shape)
  • You do a maximum of 4-6 reps and 3-4 sets. With Dean he will oftentimes have you doing more reps because he will be doing corrective stuff with you or he simply wants to change up your routine. As a rule it’s 4-6 x 3-4 ๐Ÿ™‚
  • You warm-up correctly. This link to a previous post on injuries addresses the components of an integrated warm-up. At UFIT we SMFR (every time!), stretch, mobilise, activate muscles and core, dynamic stretch, in that order and you should too!

These 3 items above will ensure you get the most out of the video’s.

Now watch the video’s again, establish the lifts 4-5-6 of them you want to do and go and do them! Mix the order around, do different lifts each time, increase/decrease reps and sets, be adventurous and challenge yourself. Let me know how you go!



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UFIT Run, Thursday July 22, 2010

Another rainy day left Fort Canning in a rather soggy condition for our latest edition of UFIT Run! That did not deter 5 Ufitters putting it on the line for UFIT Glory and the expectant crowd (me) was not left disappointed! It should however be noted that records are always going to be hard to break in such slippery conditions. Having said that, another record WAS broken which I believe means we haven’t had a UFIT Run where a record hasn’t been re-written! Patrick Donaldson got close on No Picnic at Raffles but got himself a great 2nd TT, almost eclipsing Jason Parry’s record but finally, on the last run of the day, another of Andy “Perks” Perkins records, tumbled. Only 1 left bro!! And it was Johnny Ray that crashed through for a superb 4min27 on Big Monsta beating Perk’s record by a full 10 seconds! It should also be noted that Patrick bumped Perks to third as he also ran under the previous record! Notable efforts last night by Chris “Knotty” Knot who grabbed a third place TT on Heaving and 2 women that are proving to be regular attendees and very good runners Gabby Kelly and Tango Great, so well done to you guys!

One of the other ways we will track progress is by Total Elapsed Time (TET) for the entire UFIT Run. This is valid data as it assists us in seeing how someone runs over the whole UFIT Run and if they are picking out particular records to win….. Jason. Lol of course there’s nothing wrong with the strategy of picking runs to do well in but it would increase the gloss on records if you’ve done a particularly good TET as well as picked up a TT record or 2. Every week I have been noting the TET’s for the top guys and girls and today I will list them, alongside the date they were run. Please note I have not added up everyone’s times just the top 1 or 2 every week. Please also note that if you don’t complete all 6 runs you won’t get a time for the TET. Ok so here are the TET’s –


Perks 0:14:54, 17.06.10 Perks 0:15:27, 01.07.10 Patrick 0:15:35, 17.06.10 Johnny 0:16:05, 10.06.10 Johnny 0:16:07, 15.07.10 Nick 0:16:17 , 24.06.10 Chris 0:16:19, 22.07.10 Chris 0:16:21, 03.06.10 Patrick 0:16:21, 15.07.10 Johnny 0:16:39, 22.07.10 Patrick 0:16:57, 24.06.10 Patrick 0:17:26, 22.07.10 Patrick 0:17:30, 08.07.10 Patrick 0:17:36 , 10.06.10 Jason 0:17:37 , 24.06.10


Zu 0:18:31, 10.06.10 Carolyn 0:18:37 , 08.07.10 Tango 0:20:51, 08.07.10 Tango 0:21:02 , 24.06.10 Tango 0:21:56, 22.07.10 Gabby 0:22:28, 01.07.10

Ok so here are the times for last nights UFIT Run and click here for the Top Times on the website –

Stairway to Heaving Chris 0:01:26 Patrick 0:01:38 Johnny 0:01:59 Tango 0:02:02 Gabby 0:02:04 Main Steet Chris 0:03:08 Johnny 0:03:35 Patrick 0:03:54 Tango 0:04:15 Gabby 0:04:15 No Picnic at Raffles Patrick 0:01:28 Johnny 0:01:34 Chris 0:01:37 Tango 0:02:09 Gabby 0:02:10 Hill St Blues Chris 0:02:43 Johnny 0:02:47 Patrick 0:03:15 Tango 0:03:50 Gabby DNF The Hexing Vex Chris 0:02:09 Johnny 0:02:17 Patrick 0:02:36 Tango 0:02:52 Gabby 0:02:52 Big Monsta Johnny 0:04:27 Patrick 0:04:35 Chris 0:05:16 Tango 0:06:48 Gabby 0:06:49

Lifting Video’s

Hi everyone! The format of this particular Blog theme means the video’s below are a bit abbreviated in size so click on “Lifting Video’s” in red above and the page will load with just this Video section of the blog and the video’s will be in their correct size. Ok I am going to start here with Dean showing us the Clean and Press –

This next video shows Dean giving us an example of the Bench Press –

Here’s Dean now demonstrating the Front Squat, a more difficult lift than the Back Squat but much better for reducing spinal loading –

Next up here’s Dean showing us the Bentover 1-Arm Dumbbell Row –

Ok so now it’s Dean showing us the lunges, stationary, forward and forward and then back to both follow –

And Front Lunge –

And finally Front and Rear Lunge –

Ok so now we go onto Hang Cleans. This is an easier lift technically than the Clean&Press as it doesn’t have the Press component and as such you can go heavier with this lift but only after you have mastered the C&P form –

Then we can look at the Press component of the C&P and as we did with the Clean, we can isolate the Press component with a Power Press demonstrated here again by Dean –

And finally our last video for this first series the 1-Arm Snatch, again ably demonstrated by young Deano! –

Look for subsequent posts discussing how to use these various lifts in your own routines!

Post UFIT (training) re-fuelling

I have a question from Laura one of our UFIT crew – “do you have any tips on what you should try to eat after a UFIT session to re-hydrate and restore energy?” As a matter of fact Laura, I do!!

Every human is different in many ways. There are however similarities in certain systems and all our energy systems depend on the same fuels. During exercise these fuels get drawn down and our bodies begin to regulate the dispensing of fuel as the supply reduces. Commonly referred to as fatigue! If you refer to my last post regarding Coca Cola that explains a bit about the role of sugar in our energy systems. On the Tour de France cyclists use sugar to maintain energy supplies whilst they pound out their 200+ km’s at an average of 44 km/h!! (half the motorists in Singapore wouldn’t average that!!). Sugar IS our high energy fuel supply and you definitely use sugar during a UFIT session. But we also use a good amount of fat and as we’re doing strength work as well, post-UFIT we need some protein to help maintain our muscles ๐Ÿ™‚ The fat I’m not so concerned about replacing post-UFIT (I bet you’re saying good job to that!). However fluids, another major component of energy development and key to our body regulating our temperature, DO need replacing, even post-UFIT and even if you have been rehydrating carefully through the session. Why? Well we continue to sweat for one and for another you probably didn’t replace enough when you were training anyway!

So how does that translate to a post-UFIT or workout snack/feed/refuel?? I would say the for fluids –ย 500-1000ml of water, dependent of intensity, sipped and for food – fruit (banana, orange, apple or fruit salad) and a handful of nuts or something like a protein shake. Within an hour or 2 and if you’re hungry (listen to your body!!) you then should eat, if it’s dinner time a salad (no dressing, none, niet, zilch!!) with a small portion of chicken or fish or if it’s morning a small bowl of cereal or something like a tuna sandwich on wholemeal bread (gluten-free if possible). Gluten-free bread is for sale (and so is the sandwich!) at any Cedele cafe or bakery! However both the cereal and sandwich come with significant with dangers! Any cereal you eat should be preferably organic and should definitely contain less than 20% sugar (excellent) or 25% (very good). Anything greater than this amount of sugar and you may as well be eating Coco Pops….Any sandwich should preferably have NO butter/margarine (you really just don’t need it), be on a dark coarse-grained bread (wholemeal is very good), have no gluten (we can’t process it but it’s everywhere) and the filling should be without mayonnaise or any other sugary dressing, HFCS being a major component of these kinds of dressings.

Food intake is CRUCIAL to our well-being and the proper functioning of our body. You should always try to listen to what your body is telling you, PARTICULARLY the question of, “am I already full?” As a rule we Eat.Too.Much in fact we Eat.WAY.Too.Much food and we are fat as a result. If you are in good shape and feel FAB and someone says to you, “you only eat HOW much??” Tell them to moooooooove on their way!! Moooooove along to the trough! I love my food and I love sugar but it’s the devils work, food, so you have to BEWARE! Even after a UFIT session! And portion sizes are one of the biggest culprits so We Eat Too Much, eat less, please!!

Ok so even though I got a bit up on my soap-box I hope that helps Laura and anyone else interested!!



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Is Coke a sports drink??

Anyone watching the Tour de France? I love it, probably because I like cycling. Cycling is however a very tainted sport with loads of doping scandals over the years. I read a book about the Tour and there were accusations of doping back to the early 1900’s with racers “experimenting” with speed and amphetamines. Lance Armstrong has constantly denied doping accusations even when one of his aides went home to England after one tour and swore under oath that she disposed of needles used for doping when she was working for his team. Now Floyd Landis, who for 2 years denied he doped, has come clean and dobbed in Armstrong at the same time. Anyway I digress. What I really want to discuss is coke and not the white stuff some naughty people stuff up their noses but the bubbly soft drink people stuff down their throats ๐Ÿ™‚

I was watching the telecast last night and there were 2 or 3 of the guys riding in the peloton sitting there drinking cans of coca cola. I mean that stuff is the devils work right!? Full of sugar (high Glycaemic Index meaning instant insulin response) and caffeine (a stimulant, although in the eyes of WADA a legal stimulant but also a diuretic, meaning you pee more). So BAD BAD stuff indeed!

But NO! Not at all. Athletes like those that are racing in the Tour are in a nutritional state that requires massive amounts of sugar, instantly and for a long period of time. Sugar is what the body breaks carbohydrate down into to then allow it to be absorbed into the blood stream and then into the mitochondria which are the energy producers in muscle tissue. When you need instant energy and you have a long drawn out demand for it a soft drink, tasting sweet and doing a good job is an ok solution. Not the best but it works. I mean by that there is simply too much sugar per litre for it to be healthy and for it to work effectively in the stomach. Gastric issues can result due to the carbonated nature of the drink for one. However if used in conjunction with water and other drink solutions like Gatorade-type stuff, it works. For the pro’s ๐Ÿ™‚

The other issue of it containing caffeine is more interesting. Recent research suggest the diuretic effect is not as significant as first determined. And secondly having a boost to the adrenals, which is the major stimulant effect, can be very valuable again, if not abused. This is particularly so for instance, when running up into a major climb when decision-making is of a high priority. Having an alert mind maybe the difference in catching a breakaway or not!

So there you have it, Coke is actually a sports drink, if used in the right circumstances, who would have believed!!



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