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UFIT Run, Thursday July 1, 2010

UFIT Run#5 went off tonight with no records! The first week of UFIT Run where no one record was broken! It’s true that the rain had made the stairs a bit slippery and fast stairwork was definitely out! There is only 1 run with no stairs, the last, the Big Monsta and not surprisingly times there were pretty quick. In fact Nicole bagged a great second place Top Time on Big Monsta! Gabby also chimed in with an excellent third TT on Main St (aka the House Run) so a great effort from Gabby after her small break from UFIT! Perks was gliding as usual but the wet weather put paid to any illusions of record-breaking 🙂 Solid work also tonight from Anita (Anita actually running to UFIT Run!!) and Diana, Diana doing a Double Happiness UFIT Thursday!! One of newly minted 100-Clubbers going hard-core on Thursday doing both the morning and evening sessions, brilliant! And all 100/200 clubbers have a nice surprise coming up mid-month, the new UFIT Tee’s will be awarded to all the ‘Cents and double’Cents!! They will also be for sale if you want one. If you haven’t done a UFIT Run yet, what’s stopping you?? Heaps of fun, hard work, team comraderie, it’s all there, come check it out!!

Ok so UFIT Run Top Times can be found here. Today’s results as follows –

Stairway to Heaving Perks 0:01:19 Anita 0:02:03 Gabby 0:02:06 Nicole 0:02:07 Diana 0:02:30 Main Steet Perks 0:03:00 Gabby 0:04:23 Nicole 0:04:31 Diana 0:04:46 Anita 0:04:57 No Picnic at Raffles Perks 0:01:34 Gabby 0:02:13 Nicole 0:02:16 Anita 0:02:21 Diana 0:02:28 Hill St Blues Perks 0:02:51 Nicole 0:04:07 Anita 0:04:21 Gabby 0:04:26 Diana 0:04:44 The Hexing Vex Perks 0:01:52 Gabby 0:02:37 Nicole 0:02:44 Diana 0:02:49 Anita 0:03:02 Big (kinda) Monster Perks 0:04:51 Nicole 0:06:24 Gabby 0:06:43 Diana 0:06:56 Anita 0:07:48

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