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Oh.My.God!! Are you serious?

I’m sorry but this has to be said. I was halfway through my workout today, some of you know where I usually train, big gym chain, middle of Orchard Rd and I was pausing between sets and I looked around. Oh My God, what are people thinking. Seriously. There were at least 10 guys on the floor doing weights, there was a guy on an incline bench doing dumbbell side raises, range of motion from shoulder height to pointing to the roof (!!), another 3 guys were on the smith doing incline chest and they were there for like 40 minutes (LOL), another chap was doing single arm bicep curls, on the preacher with a dumbbell and range of motion was like (an estimate) 10 degrees hahahahahahaha and yet another was doing like 100 reps of close grip barbell presses with a weight that a prepubescent boy could probably do……it was HORRIBLE!! And I’m sorry to be like this but too many of you guys have it all wrong. If you’re going to do your own stuff I like that, but do the right stuff!!

Most guys want to grow, yes? You want to have less fat and more muscle and you want to be bigger. I mean that’s almost hot-wired, an alpha male-type scenario! There’s a plethora of confusing information out there in mags, the ‘net (blogs!! lol), gym-talk, PT’s, books untold sources and who do you know is talking cock and who is the “real-deal”?? It’s tough and why do I know what I’m talking about?

On that last point well let’s just talk about the issue here! Primarily our bodies behave the way they do due to the chemicals racing around in our system. This chemistry is primarily controlled by the brain and when functioning correctly we don’t have any problems 🙂 When we aren’t functioning properly, that is when problems arise. Chemical imbalances can result not only in diseases and mental disorders but also issues such as weight gain/loss and muscle wastage. If our bodies are the hardware then chemistry is the software and as you know, software that gets corrupted can cause a massive problem!

So how do we control the chemistry? We have to eat right. We have to be hydrated and we have to get good quality rest. And when in the gym, we have to train like we want to build muscle and shed fat!

Considering our body as a series of individual muscles is very small-minded thinking. It’s also factually incorrect as for ease of understanding physiologists group muscle fibres and give them labels whereas in reality most of the muscles are interconnected so where the pectoralis major ends and the anterior deltoid begins is arbitrary. When you train in muscle group “splits” so that you “hit” delts or pecs (refer to all of the aforementioned training situations), it’s simply an incorrect way of training your body. Potentially you’re ignoring muscles that may be “in-between” groups for one but more importantly due consideration must be given to the fact our bodies are really a single unit.

This means classic lifts that incorporate multiple joints and load the single unit uniformly will stimulate our bodies in a way that means we grow uniformly. Isolating muscles won’t grow the unit and if we want to get bigger, we have to think BIGGER! The lifting we have to do is Olympic-style lifting, squats, benches, cleans, push-presses and also lunges with the Olympic bar/dumbbells, snatches, overhead squats (if you can do them! Ti 🙂 ), overhead presses. Big loads, heavy weights and low reps. Why –

Because even more importantly, by doing these lifts we stimulate our chemistry so that it switches on the software to expand the hardware! Seriously! It’s called Growth Hormone (GH) and it’s our friend!

GH will help pack on muscle and will expedite the shedding of fat. And this GH I’m talking about does not come in a syringe! It is synthesised in our bodies, stored in the brain and excreted (as part of the chemistry described earlier) in optimal conditions. Our role is to create those optimal conditions by –

Training correctly

Eating and hydrating properly

Resting adequately

Need to know more




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