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I can see how tough it is for people that travel a lot to maintain healthy habits. This is my second trip down to Sydney in 3 months and suitcases, schedules, time-zones are all out of whack so your carefully honed eating and training program can easily go off the tracks. And this is me that really tries hard to keep on track! Plus I stay with my brother and he loves a beer! Sydney has so much sport and other stuff going on all the time and the diversionary nature of these things means it’s just too hard! So what do you do?? You think about how hard it’s going to be when you “get back on track”! You think about how much off a waste all the work you did last week and the week before. You think about being a little bit enthusiastic for your health and having some discipline. And then you get on with it!

UFIT members have a massive advantage! You guys can travel with your 2 bands and skip rope. You can do a full workout in your hotel room, 15 minutes, 20, 30, 45 or an hour it’s up to you. Sit down and use a piece of paper if you like or alternatively just mentally plan what you’re going to do. But having a plan and completing it is most important! Do a dynamic warm up and do the activation, work some core exercises and then get into some jumping, speed skipping/double unders or go and run the hotel stairs (this should be speed-work, rapid repeat sets). Then get the bands out and get some strength work done, push-presses, push ups, dead lifts, squats etc. Finish off with some lengthy cardio work, longer slower skipping or slower stair work.

If you aren’t a UFIT member why not? 🙂 You get the bands and rope with your membership, you learn heaps of exercises and we follow an exercise blueprint most times that once you understand it, progresses nicely and has plenty of scope for variety. The best thing is you can come along and do a free trial and see if you like it! A lot do, we have more than 170 members now!

Travelling shouldn’t stop your fitness program and with UFIT it won’t! Come check us out 🙂





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