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Food, eat well or think you eat well?

As you may know I’m in Sydney at the moment and as I talked about yesterday, due to the travelling my training schedule has been thrown out and similarly so has my eating! I have a sweet tooth there’s no doubt and as I also love coffee and Sydney is a coffee mecca, it’s a recipe for a de-railed eating program! I have brought with me my protein powder and my vitamins so there’s some semblance of routine but avoiding the caffeine-sugar trap is tough 🙂

What I have always loved about Sydney is the massive amount of fresh produce available. Back in Singapore it’s a hard thing to find. Nuts, fruit and fresh fish are awesome here and I always stock up on the first 2 as a priority. When I’m eating out I go sushi here in Sydney a lot. Tonight I ate great sushi, very fresh and pretty good value.

The point being here is if you’re travelling a lot, you have to be careful how you eat when you’re on the road. I believe there is definitely a percentage weighting on the 3 main components of a healthy lifestyle being food, training and rest/recovery.

In my opinion the importance of each are – training = 25%, rest/recovery = 10% and nutrition = 65%.

So you can see that in life food carries a significant weighting for everything and similarly when travelling the priority for us all, particularly if we’re concerned with avoiding putting on some extra kilo’s is FOOD 🙂 It’s going to happen that our training schedules will get affected so the best thing we can do is do a better job on our food intake. Refer back to some earlier nutrition posts for tips on better eating but a summary would include reducing caffeine and sugar hits…..lol. Eating more fresh food is a very good start but the most important priority is reducing the amount of food we eat.

I have blogged about this before. Our society and I mean societies of developed nations as a rule, eat waaaaay to much food. It’s something to do with gluttony and we all practice it, even if we don’t realise it. Eating out in Sydney is a study in gluttony. The size of food portions on plates for people who simply don’t need that amount of food (based on  their physical size and the fact they probably work in an office) scares me. Seriously. Why is it the case? History is littered with examples of excesses when money isn’t really a problem and food, being our primary resource is one of the first affected. And these days we’re nearly all working sitting on our bums so burning very few calories.

Don’t eat so much food!! If you’re travelling and your exercise routine is on the blink and you eat more food because your hosts are, well, thinking they’re doing the right thing, you will put on weight. And then you get back from your trip, you’re feeling a bit heavier (lazier) so it affects your training program in a negative way. And then you have to rush away again! It becomes a spiral ands it’s out of control!

I have stated before that there is one exercise everyone can try in reducing  food intake. That is cut the amount of food you are currently eating in half. So eat half the amount of food you usually eat for a few days…..try it. Some people fast for a day or 2. Don’t do that, I’m not asking you to de-tox. This is far more serious. This is about reducing your chances of becoming a statistic by developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer or a host of other weight-related diseases.

The equation is quite simple. If you’re travelling and your regular exercise program is compromised, eat less food. As a matter of fact, eat less food anyway. We’re all eating too much. Reduce your food intake by half, every day for 3-4 days and monitor how you feel. My guess is you will feel a lot better, you may get some stomach rumbles but overall you will feel better. And if you’re travelling the chances of putting on weight will reduce significantly if you manage your food intake in a positive way.




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