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UFIT Run, Thursday July 8, 2010

Sorry guys a bit late with this post! Carolyn Pryor, champion! Carolyn raced into the UFIT record book with Top Times in 2 of the runs and 4 second places. She left the best to last with an UNBELIEVABLE run on Big Monsta managing to win the race on the day! Notable efforts from Tango and also Diana, Diana starting the session by bettering her times in all of the first 4 runs! But the Vexing Hex and Big Monsta bit back hard, there’s always next week for those 2 Diana! Tango improved in 5 of her 6 times from her first session 2 weeks back so well done to her as well! Click here for the Top Times , here are Thursdsay’s times –

Stairway to Heaving Patrick 1:29 Carolyn 1:46 Tango 1:53 Diana 2:17 Main Steet Patrick 3:38 Carolyn 3:45 Tango 4:03 Diana 4:37 No Picnic at Raffles Patrick 1:46 Carolyn 1:53 Tango 2:05 Diana 2:29 Hill St Blues Patrick 2:58 Carolyn 3:31 Tango 3:45 Diana 4:24

The Hexing Vex Patrick 2:21 Carolyn 2:27 Tango 2:50 Diana 2:57
Big Monsta Carolyn 5:15 Patrick 5:18 Tango 6:15 Diana 7:33


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