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Change is as good as a rest :)

A few times I have alluded to my membership at a large international gym chain. It’s a really good chain due mainly to how well appointed the gyms are, how many you can find in most places you turn up (Oz, Singapore, Thailand, the UK etc) and the “vibe” that permeates in nearly every one I’ve been in. It’s no different here in Sydney. I’ve been to locations in Dee Why, Randwick and Castle Hill and every time it’s pretty awesome. Before I lose too many of you, I am a BIG FAN of having a nice shower, equipment that works and not having to listen to yells, grunts and smells of neanderthal man training next to me in a “hardcore” real mans gym….

I also notice that increasingly the space these gyms devote for warm-ups and “functional” activities is increasing. Here in Sydney there are a lot of gym balls available, bosu’s, wobble boards, gloves and pads, skip ropes, bands and tubing AND rollers! Plus increasingly there’s more and more of the cable-type stations that enable you to do a heap of different exercises (Technogym Kinesis is one of them). I find it a lot of fun turning up and doing my rolling whilst planning a session with what’s available in front of me. As you all know functionality is a bit of a catch-cry of UFIT’s and making up a little session on the fly keeps things fresh.

Being in a different gym with different equipment and a different setting is a recipe for a bit of invention. It’s really a lot of fun and if you have the skill-set to plan on the fly and achieve your goals for a session, it’s a really refreshing change.

I guess the key here is having the skill-set to be able to set up a session in your mind and then go and do it. Some of you may notice a theme in UFIT sessions and definitely those of you that do PT with Dean will know that we have a blueprint for all of our sessions. I have mentioned previously that this is based on the NASM system, the one we prescribe to and the one I believe has a lot of credibility. The warm-ups are essential, rolling included. Mobilise any joints that need it (ankles particularly are a problem but hips and thoracic spine are also mobile joints and may need attention), activate muscles (you will all know glutes are a problematic muscle that’s why we activate them every time), activate the core (at the start of the session, NOT at the end…) and then progress through speed/power, strength and cardio endurance.

This covers all bases pretty much (for a general workout). Perhaps think through a few UFIT sessions and see how we have presented the sessions. Can you copy the blueprint for your own training session?

And of course if you’re travelling and have the benefit of a new environment to train in, all the better! If you are confused by it why not do a session or 2 in the gym with Dean? He can explain a lot, you will learn lot, he will sort out any niggles and maybe identify some problems some of which you may not even realise you have (these are usually the culprits to blame for inexplicable injuries and persistent recurring problems that physio’s/chiro’s/oesteo’s try and mend without looking at the underlying issue). On this note my brother has been experiencing a calf problem. I put him through an ankle mobilisation test which he failed miserably and told him to ask his physio to check his ankle mobility. She did and now treats him for this issue and his calf is a lot better all of a sudden…..jeez that annoys me! My brother lives here in Sydney but his experience is no different to many in various cities including Singapore!

Use UFIT as a resource. We are here to help. Your training will evolve if you take on some of the ideas we present via this blog and our sessions. Stale and boring sessions mean zero progress and decreasing interest levels. Get into UFIT and get into cutting edge training!!




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