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UFIT Run, Thursday July 15, 2010

Ok HUGE session tonite and big, BIG news! Carolyn Pryor has taken control of all Top Times in the women’s section with another outstanding effort this evening, hot on the heels of her double TT effort last week! She eclipsed all of Zu’s remaining TT’s tonight, something I’m sure our boxing star ZuZu will not enjoy hearing! Of course Zu has a good excuse she is training for her boxing fight in 2 months time so we may have to wait a while before we see a response! On the men’s side, Patrick Donaldson took out Perk’s month-old record TT on Hill St Blues with an amazing run, beating the record by 4 secs! Patrick also just missed Adam’s record on Stairway to Heaving by 1 second! Johnny was there! He just missed Perk’s record on Vexing Hex by 2 seconds after deciding halfway round to give it a go! Put your head down son, you have to leave your legacy!! So if you count 3 Ufitters tonight, you’re right……hopefully we’ll start getting a roll-up Thursday’s 🙂 For all top times go to the UFIT Website, here are the times from tonight –

Stairway to Heaving Patrick 0:01:19 Johnny 0:01:31 Carolyn 0:01:36 Main Steet Johnny 0:03:20 Patrick 0:03:32 Carolyn DNF No Picnic at Raffles Patrick 0:01:33 Johnny 0:01:38 Carolyn 0:01:41 Hill St Blues Patrick 0:02:33 Johnny 0:02:49 Carolyn 0:02:52 The Hexing Vex Johnny 0:01:49 Patrick 0:02:08 Carolyn 0:02:08 Big (kinda) Monster Johnny 0:05:00 Patrick 0:05:16 Carolyn 0:05:40

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