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Post UFIT (training) re-fuelling

I have a question from Laura one of our UFIT crew – “do you have any tips on what you should try to eat after a UFIT session to re-hydrate and restore energy?” As a matter of fact Laura, I do!!

Every human is different in many ways. There are however similarities in certain systems and all our energy systems depend on the same fuels. During exercise these fuels get drawn down and our bodies begin to regulate the dispensing of fuel as the supply reduces. Commonly referred to as fatigue! If you refer to my last post regarding Coca Cola that explains a bit about the role of sugar in our energy systems. On the Tour de France cyclists use sugar to maintain energy supplies whilst they pound out their 200+ km’s at an average of 44 km/h!! (half the motorists in Singapore wouldn’t average that!!). Sugar IS our high energy fuel supply and you definitely use sugar during a UFIT session. But we also use a good amount of fat and as we’re doing strength work as well, post-UFIT we need some protein to help maintain our muscles 🙂 The fat I’m not so concerned about replacing post-UFIT (I bet you’re saying good job to that!). However fluids, another major component of energy development and key to our body regulating our temperature, DO need replacing, even post-UFIT and even if you have been rehydrating carefully through the session. Why? Well we continue to sweat for one and for another you probably didn’t replace enough when you were training anyway!

So how does that translate to a post-UFIT or workout snack/feed/refuel?? I would say the for fluids – 500-1000ml of water, dependent of intensity, sipped and for food – fruit (banana, orange, apple or fruit salad) and a handful of nuts or something like a protein shake. Within an hour or 2 and if you’re hungry (listen to your body!!) you then should eat, if it’s dinner time a salad (no dressing, none, niet, zilch!!) with a small portion of chicken or fish or if it’s morning a small bowl of cereal or something like a tuna sandwich on wholemeal bread (gluten-free if possible). Gluten-free bread is for sale (and so is the sandwich!) at any Cedele cafe or bakery! However both the cereal and sandwich come with significant with dangers! Any cereal you eat should be preferably organic and should definitely contain less than 20% sugar (excellent) or 25% (very good). Anything greater than this amount of sugar and you may as well be eating Coco Pops….Any sandwich should preferably have NO butter/margarine (you really just don’t need it), be on a dark coarse-grained bread (wholemeal is very good), have no gluten (we can’t process it but it’s everywhere) and the filling should be without mayonnaise or any other sugary dressing, HFCS being a major component of these kinds of dressings.

Food intake is CRUCIAL to our well-being and the proper functioning of our body. You should always try to listen to what your body is telling you, PARTICULARLY the question of, “am I already full?” As a rule we Eat.Too.Much in fact we Eat.WAY.Too.Much food and we are fat as a result. If you are in good shape and feel FAB and someone says to you, “you only eat HOW much??” Tell them to moooooooove on their way!! Moooooove along to the trough! I love my food and I love sugar but it’s the devils work, food, so you have to BEWARE! Even after a UFIT session! And portion sizes are one of the biggest culprits so We Eat Too Much, eat less, please!!

Ok so even though I got a bit up on my soap-box I hope that helps Laura and anyone else interested!!



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