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UFIT Run, Thursday July 22, 2010

Another rainy day left Fort Canning in a rather soggy condition for our latest edition of UFIT Run! That did not deter 5 Ufitters putting it on the line for UFIT Glory and the expectant crowd (me) was not left disappointed! It should however be noted that records are always going to be hard to break in such slippery conditions. Having said that, another record WAS broken which I believe means we haven’t had a UFIT Run where a record hasn’t been re-written! Patrick Donaldson got close on No Picnic at Raffles but got himself a great 2nd TT, almost eclipsing Jason Parry’s record but finally, on the last run of the day, another of Andy “Perks” Perkins records, tumbled. Only 1 left bro!! And it was Johnny Ray that crashed through for a superb 4min27 on Big Monsta beating Perk’s record by a full 10 seconds! It should also be noted that Patrick bumped Perks to third as he also ran under the previous record! Notable efforts last night by Chris “Knotty” Knot who grabbed a third place TT on Heaving and 2 women that are proving to be regular attendees and very good runners Gabby Kelly and Tango Great, so well done to you guys!

One of the other ways we will track progress is by Total Elapsed Time (TET) for the entire UFIT Run. This is valid data as it assists us in seeing how someone runs over the whole UFIT Run and if they are picking out particular records to win….. Jason. Lol of course there’s nothing wrong with the strategy of picking runs to do well in but it would increase the gloss on records if you’ve done a particularly good TET as well as picked up a TT record or 2. Every week I have been noting the TET’s for the top guys and girls and today I will list them, alongside the date they were run. Please note I have not added up everyone’s times just the top 1 or 2 every week. Please also note that if you don’t complete all 6 runs you won’t get a time for the TET. Ok so here are the TET’s –


Perks 0:14:54, 17.06.10 Perks 0:15:27, 01.07.10 Patrick 0:15:35, 17.06.10 Johnny 0:16:05, 10.06.10 Johnny 0:16:07, 15.07.10 Nick 0:16:17 , 24.06.10 Chris 0:16:19, 22.07.10 Chris 0:16:21, 03.06.10 Patrick 0:16:21, 15.07.10 Johnny 0:16:39, 22.07.10 Patrick 0:16:57, 24.06.10 Patrick 0:17:26, 22.07.10 Patrick 0:17:30, 08.07.10 Patrick 0:17:36 , 10.06.10 Jason 0:17:37 , 24.06.10


Zu 0:18:31, 10.06.10 Carolyn 0:18:37 , 08.07.10 Tango 0:20:51, 08.07.10 Tango 0:21:02 , 24.06.10 Tango 0:21:56, 22.07.10 Gabby 0:22:28, 01.07.10

Ok so here are the times for last nights UFIT Run and click here for the Top Times on the website –

Stairway to Heaving Chris 0:01:26 Patrick 0:01:38 Johnny 0:01:59 Tango 0:02:02 Gabby 0:02:04 Main Steet Chris 0:03:08 Johnny 0:03:35 Patrick 0:03:54 Tango 0:04:15 Gabby 0:04:15 No Picnic at Raffles Patrick 0:01:28 Johnny 0:01:34 Chris 0:01:37 Tango 0:02:09 Gabby 0:02:10 Hill St Blues Chris 0:02:43 Johnny 0:02:47 Patrick 0:03:15 Tango 0:03:50 Gabby DNF The Hexing Vex Chris 0:02:09 Johnny 0:02:17 Patrick 0:02:36 Tango 0:02:52 Gabby 0:02:52 Big Monsta Johnny 0:04:27 Patrick 0:04:35 Chris 0:05:16 Tango 0:06:48 Gabby 0:06:49

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