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UFIT Run, September 28, 2010

One of the best Run’s we have done so far! A great session! And PB’s all over the place, Mark Taylor and Jason Parry nailing 5 PB’s and Meagan Reus 3 PB’s. Meagan in 4 weeks has dropped her Big Monsta time by a whole minute from 7min 01 to 6min 01!! David Hug debuted last night at UFIT Run and set 6 great times so he will be working hard to start bettering them. But I know he will πŸ™‚ In fact David and Jason finished with combined total times last night only 2 seconds apart!!! And there was absolutely no collaboration there at all, I can tell you lol! They both went flat out! They both entered the best overall times mid-table, I’ll put that below as well today. No Top Times were recorded last night but there were milestone aplenty anyway!! Great work guys!!!

Stairway to Heaving Jason 0:01:23 David H 0:01:28 Meagan 0:01:48 Mark 0:01:51 Main Steet Jason 0:03:07 David H 0:03:10 Meagan 0:03:51 Mark 0:04:35 No Picnic at Raffles Jason 0:01:38 David H 0:01:42 Meagan 0:02:08 Mark 0:02:19 Hill St Blues David H 0:02:54 Jason 0:03:16 Meagan 0:03:54 Mark 0:04:10 The Hexing Vex Jason 0:01:57 David H 0:02:06 Meagan 0:02:32 Mark 0:02:50 Big (kinda) Monster Jason 0:05:00 David H 0:05:03 Meagan 0:06:01 Mark 0:06:56

Total Elapsed Times – Men

1 Perks 0:14:54 17.06.10 2 Chris 0:15:14 29.07.10 3 Perks 0:15:27 01.07.10 4 Patrick 0:15:35 17.06.10 5 Johnny 0:15: 47 29.07.10 6 Johnny 0:16:05 10.06.10 7 Johnny 0:16:07 15.07.10 8 Neal 0:16:16 29.07.10 9 Nick 0:16:17 24.06.10 10 Chris 0:16:19 22.07.10 13= Chris 0:16:21 03.06.10 13= Patrick 0:16:21 15.07.10 13= Jason 0:16:21 28.09.10 14 David H 0:16:23 28.09.10 15 Johnny 0:16:39 22.07.10 16 Patrick 0:16:57 24.06.10 17 Neil D 0:17:08 09.09.10 18 Patrick 0:17:26 22.07.10 19 Patrick 0:17:30 08.07.10 20 Patrick 0:17:36 10.06.10 21 Jason 0:17:37 24.06.10 22 Kevin 0:17:44 14.09.10

Total Elapsed Times – Women

1 Carolyn 0:16:52 29.07.10 2 Zu 0:18:31 10.06.10 3 Carolyn 0:18:37 08.07.10 4 Courtney 0:18:59 14.09.10 5 Natalie 0:19:13 29.07.10 6 Meagan 0:20:14 28.09.10 7 Courtney 0:20:21 02.09.10 8 Meagan 0:20:50 21.09.10 9 Tango 0:20:51 08.07.10 10 Tango 0:21:02 24.06.10 11 Meagan 0:21:42 02.09.10 12 Tango 0:21:56 22.07.10 13 Gabby 0:22:28 01.07.10

Vibram (5 finger) Shoes

Ok so you’ve all had your laugh! From the guys at UWC, the Ufitters, the people I bump into in lifts and everyone else in between, you’ve all had a go. And no sweat, you’re jealous, jealous that I have ’em and jealous you’d be too embarrassed to wear ’em!!

So here they are although these are the black version and I have the black/red.

Why am I wearing them? I have known about them for a long time, probably a year or so and I heard they encourage improved foot biomechanics. This improvement will lead to a decrease in injuries because the kinetic chain, of which I have blogged about previously, will be less interfered with and therefore we hope, function better. When I was in Bangkok at the Asia Fitness Congress recently, a lot of people were wearing them, particularly people with opinions I really respect so I resolved upon returning here that I would invest in a pair. And wear them. Despite you all! πŸ™‚

So far I’m delighted. I definitely feel a change in my running gait, I strike mid-foot without even thinking about it. Now there is a long running debate whether we should be heel-striking, mid-foot striking or even fore-foot striking and as I have said recently, for every bit of supporting research on a given stance there will be opposite, just as compelling research. I happen to believe we should strike mid-foot because if you run barefoot on grass or sand, “feel” what happens with your foot-strike. Go on, give it a go. This weekend in Phuket, even!!!! I think you will find you strike mid-foot πŸ™‚ But we didn’t evolve running on concrete…..I know, I know lol!

Listen, take a look at your running shoes, how high is the support in the heel? 2cm? 3cm?? Whether your foot strikes heel, mid or fore-foot, the heel never gets anywhere near the ground so what happens to the muscles and tendons in the Achilles area and above in the calf? They shorten!! They must do. We know for a fact that shortening of muscles will lead to compensatory actions elsewhere in the kinetic chain. At a guess ankle mobility may be compromised leading to shin splints, knee pain etc.

So my answer to all this is to give the Vibram’s a crack. So far it’s all good. I have some soreness for sure and I haven’t jumped straight into wearing them for my running. That will happen next week as I want my feet to have the time to adjust. I have worn them at my past 3-4 gym sessions and participating in UFIT BnB Monday night. Plus of course wearing them to all the UFIT sessions I have conducted recently to the delight of particularly Deutscher lol!

My comments to date –

1. The lack of cushioning has resulted in pad soreness on my soles (harden up Princess).

2. On wet paved surfaces be prepared for ice-skating lessons!!

3. You “feel” the surface you’re on very effectively (except for 1, above, of course..), it is very cool πŸ™‚ This gives feedback, essential for improving movement patterns so that’s pretty good!

4, You have to practice at getting your toes into the gaps and at 6am, sometimes that’s not too easy…..

5, The “feel” again, in the gym is awesome, they are really top notch for the lifting I and we do here at UFIT which is mainly olympic-style lifts as you all know!!

I will come back with more comments from time to time, keep tuned in!!



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“Research tells us……what?”

I attended the 2nd annual Asia Fitness Congress over the past weekend and once again I was pretty impressed with most of the stuff presented. As usual Pete McCall and Fabio Comana were excellent along with Jim Friel. A Kiwi guy based in HK called Ross Eathorne was also very good. A bit of a sticking point with me was a couple of the (unnamed) presenters made liberal references to, “research says” and “research tells us..” I mean I researched the back of a weetbix packet when I was a kid and it told me that eating weetbix would turn me into an All Black, well that never happened. But more seriously for every published, peer-reviewed argument for one view there is usually an opposing one which is just as compelling. So to stand up in front of an audience of peers and state that “research shows” us that what I’m saying is true, without even telling us where the research originated, is like slapping the audience with a rolled up copy of the Journal of Sports Sciences! It also shows us that maybe you are simply offering information you have heard second-hand without even checking the reference yourself. Either way, unprofessional!!

The good news is next year UFIT will present a Flexband workshop, showing all my peers what we do in UFIT πŸ™‚ Or more correctly what you guys do in UFIT lol. So next time you see a video being taken at a session, SMILE!!!! you may end up with a very large audience.

UFIT Run, September 14 and 21, 2001

Oops I missed posting after last week’s run, sorry team. We’re now running UFIT Run on Tuesday and last night we had Mark Taylor for the first time, Meagan Reus back after a couple of weeks off, Chris Knott after a couple of months off and one of the UFIT Run regulars Diana Fox πŸ™‚ Last week with Prescille, Neil Dyball took on his good mate Kevin Gibson, Courtney Sherwood and Diana were also on-deck. Courtney last week nailed down 2 more second-place Top Times!! Courtney now is the proud record-holder of 3 second place and 1 third place TT’s, a massive effort from one of our new UFIT Crew! And she wasn’t finished as Courtney now holds the 4th Top Overall Time behind Carolyn Pryor with 2 and Zu Kucerova. Neil also did himself proud by grabbing a share of 3rd place at “Stairway to Heaving” with a 1min 25 equalling another Neal, Neal Sullivan.

I already have a confirmation that Jason Parry will be back at UFIT Run next week! A record for UFIT Run, having someone book in so far ahead!! Plus there’s been some other members say they are keen on doing Tuesday’s so we may get this thing going after-all! It’s really a top session, you work really hard, as you do at every other UFIT session but the added spice of the stopwatch and the inter-group and Top Times competitiveness makes for a really interesting challenge. Just ask me and Chris lol!!

Ok so here’s the times from both weeks, the Top Times are here

September 14

Stairway to Heaving Neil D 0:01:25 Kevin 0:01:31 Courtney 0:02:00 Diana 0:02:24 Main Steet Neil D 0:03:24 Kevin 0:03:24 Courtney 0:03:57 Diana 0:04:45 No Picnic at Raffles Neil D 0:01:45 Kevin 0:01:47 Courtney 0:01:51 Diana 0:02:28 Hill St Blues Neil D 0:02:39 Kevin 0:03:13 Courtney 0:03:38 Diana 0:03:40 The Hexing Vex Neil D 0:02:10 Kevin 0:02:10 Courtney 0:02:13 Diana 0:03:24 Big (kinda) Monster Courtney 0:05:20 Kevin 0:05:39 Neil D 0:06:00 Diana 0:08:25

September 21

Stairway to Heaving Chris K 0:01:37 Meagan 0:01:50 Mark 0:02:08 Diana 0:02:20 Main Steet Chris K 0:03:13 Meagan 0:03:55 Mark 0:04:26 Diana 0:04:54 No Picnic at Raffles Chris K 0:01:39 Meagan 0:02:07 Diana 0:02:17 Mark 0:02:28 Hill St Blues Chris K 0:02:52 Meagan 0:03:39 Mark 0:04:21 Diana 0:04:35 The Hexing Vex Chris K 0:02:10 Meagan 0:02:38 Mark 0:02:51 Diana 0:02:59 Big (kinda) Monster Chris K 0:05:03 Meagan 0:06:41 Mark 0:07:06 Diana 0:07:50

Weights, why be a bodybuilder??

Look, this preconception of training like bodybuilders which is continuously propagated by so-called fitness professionals masquerading as Personal Trainers in gyms and as free-lancers all around this country is becoming a JOKE!!! Unless you want to compete in Bodybuilding competitions with all the narcissists such competitions attract, why do you want to train like them??

I mean splitting training days to chest/bi’s or tri’s, back/bi’s or tri’s, legs and shoulders and calves is training in the dark ages!!

Wake the FARK up! Start reading different training literature (eg put DOWN “Men’s Health” and “Muscle & Fitness” magazines) and PICK UP titles like, “Supertraining” by Dr Mel Siff and visit sites like Mike Boyle’s StrengthCoach.com. Do you really think reading an article here and there from crap magazines and throwing the tips and workouts into your routine will help?

They don’t! They may help you think they are by giving some much-needed variety to your workout but the reality is they don’t. Why? Because they are usually based on Bodybuilding principles. Why am I so against such principles? Bodybuilders simply want to look good. That’s all. They need to convince a bunch of judges they look “symmetrical” and “proportional” and well, bulgy lol!!

Tell me, why do you train? Do you know? Is it vanity? Is it for health, longevity, quality of life or is it for sport or is it because you simply love getting into the gym and killing it!!?? Think about it for a while. Yes there maybe some vanity in everything we do in the gym πŸ™‚ but ultimately there are other underlying reasons. But usually satisfying judges doesn’t apply….

So if it’s not for bodybuilding why do you do the stuff they do? If you’re doing weights why on earth would you sit down in a machine? I mean what purpose can it serve. For one it’s lazy, our bodies sit (or lie) down for most part of the day and night, in front of computers and TV’s and in beds, why would you want to do this on machines when “working out”? We’re creatures of movement, use your limbs, engage your brain and nervous system, activate your core and find exercises that challenge you. Secondly a machine “isolates” a muscle and when do we ever use a muscle in isolation…..well ok there is one time lol but usually other muscles are playing supporting roles even doing that….usually however our bodies are working as a single unit, everything “switched on” and combining to workΒ synergisticallyΒ (everything being brain, nervous system, muscles, bones and connective tissue) for a particular outcome. Thirdly machines force the body part we are “isolating” through a range of motion the machine has been designed for. Is that your range of motion, his, hers, the next persons? Sure you can adjust certain bits but you can never get proper range of motion because no one size fits all. Ok Technogym Kinesis stand up and take a bow, that is quality but even that is not strictly a machine πŸ™‚

So DON’T USE MACHINES and if you do, like I do sometimes, use them sparingly and only if they fit your overall objective.

Still don’t know what that is? Start reading decent publications, engage decent professional help and start thinking first principles, “what am I training for and what do I want to achieve?” You could even have a look at some of the lifts we have here on this blog and start thinking how these lifts could help you? I’m sure they could πŸ™‚ You can even contact UFIT and sit down with one of us and address your programming and take tips and let us help you build a program based on your goals. That’s what we do and we do it really well πŸ™‚



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UFIT Run, September 09, 2010

Interest in UFIT Run appears to be waning but before we make any radical decision to bin it maybe we should try doing it Tuesday at 7pm? What do you think? I know we are changing the schedule around at the moment but we need to find days/timings that work for YOU guys πŸ™‚ Courtney pointed out that Thursdays are drinking nights after all lol. This Tuesday??

Ok so speaking of Courtney Sherwood last week she nailed down 2 third place Top Times on the girls list and she followed that up with a second spot on the Big Monsta last night, awesome effort!! And in the true spirit of UFIT Run she also shaved 17 seconds off her overall time for the 6 runs so she wasn’t saving herself. Jason. Lol. Btw where are you fella (referring to Jason Downey)?

Neil Dyball made a debut appearance at Run last night and ran strong throughout without troubling the score attendant, as they say πŸ™‚ He did however knock over a couple of times his good mate Kevin Gibson set last week. Should make for an interesting head to head! Likewise a few of the guys that haven’t been around recently, John Ray, Chris Knott, Andy Perkins, Jason Downey, Adam Deutsch, Nick Dean, Neal Sullivan, Patrick Donaldson (although Patrick is injured currently), that would make for some interesting clashes! Likewise G.I.Zu, Carolyn Pryor, Natalie Anderson, Gabby Kelly, Tango Great, Meagan Reus challenging regulars Courtney and Diana Fox.

So would Tuesday be better??

Check out this link for the Top Times. And here are the times from last night –

Stairway to Heaving Neil D 0:01:29 Courtney 0:01:47 Diana 0:02:15 Main Steet Neil D 0:03:28 Courtney 0:04:01 Diana 0:04:41 No Picnic at Raffles Neil D 0:01:46 Courtney 0:01:58 Diana 0:02:16 Hill St Blues Neil D 0:02:39 Courtney 0:04:19 Diana 0:04:30 Big (kinda) Monster Neil D 0:05:36 Courtney 0:05:40 Diana 0:07:45 The Hexing Vex Neil D 0:02:10 Courtney 0:02:19 Diana 0:03:12 Big (kinda) Monster Neil D 0:05:36 Courtney 0:05:40 Diana 0:07:45

Cardio, that works!!

Do you spend a LOT of time doing cardio? You know the kind of stuff I’m talking about? In the gym, get on the bike and pound out a half hour at a pretty good speed or get out in the park and do the same, getting up a good speed and working hard for 30-40 minutes?? You knock out 3 sessions a week and do a bit of weights here and there. You even get to a spin class occasionally and maybe a pump class or 2? Is it working? REALLY??

I have a suggestion if it’s not or even if it is and you want to shake it up a bit πŸ™‚

Try intervals, not 30-45-60 seconds on and off at 1:1 but intervals lasting minutes. Try 3 minutes on and 3 off to start, bike, running, stepper whatever! Do 3 or 4 sets and see how you feel. The trick is you must go flat out when you’re working and you must stop completely when you’re not. So get off the bike or stepper or stop running and walk around a bit, it’s particularly important to hydrate!

Once you’re able to knock out 4 reps at 3 on and 3 off, go for 4 minutes on 4 minutes off. And so on.

You will shed weight like you have always dreamed of, seriously πŸ™‚ If you need assistance because the intensity is high and sometimes maintaining the discipline is tough, come do UFIT Run! It’s essentially the same and will get results!

This type of training completely exhausts your anaerobic system and then starts tapping into your aerobic stores. You may burn some muscle but nothing serious. The point is it keeps draining down on sugars with good break periods where replenishment can occur. Backing up and doing the work repeatedly also helps a lot with fitness. The greater your fitness the less need you body has for fat. Our bodies are very smart, no need for fat = less storage = slimmer you!!. The end result is we get fitter and leaner, this is good news indeed πŸ™‚

Furthermore if you introduce some resistance training into the mix, either during the session or on alternate sessions, WOW, we’re talking taking it to the next level! Interestingly we’re also talking UFIT Sessions lol!



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