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UFIT Run, August 26 & Sept 02, 2010

So after quite a hiatus UFIT Run has returned! And from next week I think we will run it at 7pm, what do YOU think? I getthe feeling you peeps outthere think 7.30pm is just that bit too late??

The last 2 weeks Kevin Gibson has been the only guy to do both sessions, I’m sure if Tony Markou was in town he’d have been there last night….maybe! Kev has been doing well but for one reason and another hasn’t yet completed all 6 runs on any one night 🙂 Courtney Sherwood has done both last week and last night and last night posted the 5th overall best women’s time just behind Nat Anderson! In fact Nat held all 6 women’s third place Top Times but lost 2 of them to Courtney last night. Also adding her name to the record books last night was Meagan Reus who pulled off the 8th fastest womens overall time. Diana Fox also went very well last night posting 4 new PB’s at Hill St, Big Monster, No Picnic and Main St!

Here are the times from last week and last night and check in for all the Top Times at the website

Aug 26 Stairway to Heaving Kevin 0:01:55 Courtney 0:02:05 Tony 0:02:12 Diana 0:02:17 Main Steet Tony 0:04:34 Diana 0:04:38 Courtney 0:04:59 Kevin dnf No Picnic at Raffles Kevin 0:01:52 Courtney 0:02:12 Tony 0:02:18 Diana 0:02:19 Hill St Blues Kevin 0:03:07 Courtney 0:03:41 Tony 0:04:12 Diana 0:04:29 The Hexing Vex Kevin 0:02:20 Courtney 0:02:30 Tony 0:02:57 Diana 0:03:07 Big (kinda) Monster Courtney 0:07:13 Tony 0:07:18 Diana 0:07:38 Kevin 0:08:32

Sept 02

Stairway to Heaving Kevin 0:01:33 Courtney 0:01:48 Meagan 0:01:51 Diana 0:02:22 Main Steet Kevin 0:03:28 Courtney 0:03:54 Meagan 0:04:05 Diana 0:04:36 No Picnic at Raffles Kevin 0:01:44 Courtney 0:01:59 Meagan 0:02:08 Diana 0:02:19 Hill St Blues Kevin 0:02:50 Courtney 0:03:47 Meagan 0:03:53 Diana 0:04:23 The Hexing Vex Courtney 0:02:25 Meagan 0:02:44 Diana 0:03:04 Kevin dns Big (kinda) Monster Courtney 0:06:28 Meagan 0:07:01 Diana 0:07:29 Kevin dns

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