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Vitamins, it continues….

I spend a fair portion of my (very) hard earned cash on vitamins and other supplements. I have blogged previously about the state of our global food chain and thus the need for us to supplement. I mean why are we dying of so many “lifestyle” diseases? Could there be a link between the outrageously poor quality food that tends to go into the average stomach and disease? Ladies and gentlemen yes there is, reams and reams of research in fact. I’m wondering why so much money is spent on developing new drugs to combat these diseases when this money thrown at a food education program for people would save more lives – guaranteed!! Check out this link, please!! This is the trailer for quite simply the most important movie you will (probably) never watch. Anyway….

Previously I slugged a lot of pills and capsules from everything from omega oils, vitamins, minerals and joint supplements as well as protein powder, sometimes creatine and other supps that helped my training. I decided one day after finding a solid and whole pill in my poo that there had to be a better way. I surmised that my stomach was clearly unable to digest the pill and it was excreted.

Fortunately I found some excellent fruit powder with stuff like acai berry, green tea, bilberry, cranberry, pomegranate, grape skin etc etc and a “greens” powder with blue-green algae, chlorella, aloe vera, barley and wheat grass, kale, spinach etc etc. These great powders go into a shaker with water, Vitamin C powder, flax seed oil and some pretty decent protein powder by Maximuscle, an awesome UK producer and now represented here in Singapore. My guess is powders will be digested a whole lot easily than a compressed pill.

This gives me a massive dose of really good stuff twice a day, first thing in the morning and also at night. I’m taking 2-4 grams of Vitamin C and 2-4 teaspoons of flaxseed oil daily with the powders and I still take a few pills namely Triflex which I believe is the best joint supplement available. Well I am 45!! All of this stuff helps me a lot, right now, in my energy levels, my renewal, my performance, in many ways. And to me it’s money in the bank because I don’t plan on being a long-term health statistic either!

I hear stories from Ufitters and PT clients that they get run down easily, quite often feel flat and regularly get sick. It’s about 2 things. Food and renewal. Our food is clearly a problem and supplements will help and of course so will eating organic food. Renewal is achieved with good quality sleep, exercise and mental nourishment (books are great!!).

Start doing something positive NOW! Start eating better, start thinking about renewal and start supplementing. It comes down to committing yourself to a better existence now and into the future. All of this means better productivity now as well!! You will be amazed at how better you will operate.

Committing to eating properly and committing to renewal. Without the commitment, you aint got nothing!! So COMMIT!!



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