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Cardio, that works!!

Do you spend a LOT of time doing cardio? You know the kind of stuff I’m talking about? In the gym, get on the bike and pound out a half hour at a pretty good speed or get out in the park and do the same, getting up a good speed and working hard for 30-40 minutes?? You knock out 3 sessions a week and do a bit of weights here and there. You even get to a spin class occasionally and maybe a pump class or 2? Is it working? REALLY??

I have a suggestion if it’s not or even if it is and you want to shake it up a bit 🙂

Try intervals, not 30-45-60 seconds on and off at 1:1 but intervals lasting minutes. Try 3 minutes on and 3 off to start, bike, running, stepper whatever! Do 3 or 4 sets and see how you feel. The trick is you must go flat out when you’re working and you must stop completely when you’re not. So get off the bike or stepper or stop running and walk around a bit, it’s particularly important to hydrate!

Once you’re able to knock out 4 reps at 3 on and 3 off, go for 4 minutes on 4 minutes off. And so on.

You will shed weight like you have always dreamed of, seriously 🙂 If you need assistance because the intensity is high and sometimes maintaining the discipline is tough, come do UFIT Run! It’s essentially the same and will get results!

This type of training completely exhausts your anaerobic system and then starts tapping into your aerobic stores. You may burn some muscle but nothing serious. The point is it keeps draining down on sugars with good break periods where replenishment can occur. Backing up and doing the work repeatedly also helps a lot with fitness. The greater your fitness the less need you body has for fat. Our bodies are very smart, no need for fat = less storage = slimmer you!!. The end result is we get fitter and leaner, this is good news indeed 🙂

Furthermore if you introduce some resistance training into the mix, either during the session or on alternate sessions, WOW, we’re talking taking it to the next level! Interestingly we’re also talking UFIT Sessions lol!



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