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UFIT Run, September 09, 2010

Interest in UFIT Run appears to be waning but before we make any radical decision to bin it maybe we should try doing it Tuesday at 7pm? What do you think? I know we are changing the schedule around at the moment but we need to find days/timings that work for YOU guys 🙂 Courtney pointed out that Thursdays are drinking nights after all lol. This Tuesday??

Ok so speaking of Courtney Sherwood last week she nailed down 2 third place Top Times on the girls list and she followed that up with a second spot on the Big Monsta last night, awesome effort!! And in the true spirit of UFIT Run she also shaved 17 seconds off her overall time for the 6 runs so she wasn’t saving herself. Jason. Lol. Btw where are you fella (referring to Jason Downey)?

Neil Dyball made a debut appearance at Run last night and ran strong throughout without troubling the score attendant, as they say 🙂 He did however knock over a couple of times his good mate Kevin Gibson set last week. Should make for an interesting head to head! Likewise a few of the guys that haven’t been around recently, John Ray, Chris Knott, Andy Perkins, Jason Downey, Adam Deutsch, Nick Dean, Neal Sullivan, Patrick Donaldson (although Patrick is injured currently), that would make for some interesting clashes! Likewise G.I.Zu, Carolyn Pryor, Natalie Anderson, Gabby Kelly, Tango Great, Meagan Reus challenging regulars Courtney and Diana Fox.

So would Tuesday be better??

Check out this link for the Top Times. And here are the times from last night –

Stairway to Heaving Neil D 0:01:29 Courtney 0:01:47 Diana 0:02:15 Main Steet Neil D 0:03:28 Courtney 0:04:01 Diana 0:04:41 No Picnic at Raffles Neil D 0:01:46 Courtney 0:01:58 Diana 0:02:16 Hill St Blues Neil D 0:02:39 Courtney 0:04:19 Diana 0:04:30 Big (kinda) Monster Neil D 0:05:36 Courtney 0:05:40 Diana 0:07:45 The Hexing Vex Neil D 0:02:10 Courtney 0:02:19 Diana 0:03:12 Big (kinda) Monster Neil D 0:05:36 Courtney 0:05:40 Diana 0:07:45

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