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Weights, why be a bodybuilder??

Look, this preconception of training like bodybuilders which is continuously propagated by so-called fitness professionals masquerading as Personal Trainers in gyms and as free-lancers all around this country is becoming a JOKE!!! Unless you want to compete in Bodybuilding competitions with all the narcissists such competitions attract, why do you want to train like them??

I mean splitting training days to chest/bi’s or tri’s, back/bi’s or tri’s, legs and shoulders and calves is training in the dark ages!!

Wake the FARK up! Start reading different training literature (eg put DOWN “Men’s Health” and “Muscle & Fitness” magazines) and PICK UP titles like, “Supertraining” by Dr Mel Siff and visit sites like Mike Boyle’s StrengthCoach.com. Do you really think reading an article here and there from crap magazines and throwing the tips and workouts into your routine will help?

They don’t! They may help you think they are by giving some much-needed variety to your workout but the reality is they don’t. Why? Because they are usually based on Bodybuilding principles. Why am I so against such principles? Bodybuilders simply want to look good. That’s all. They need to convince a bunch of judges they look “symmetrical” and “proportional” and well, bulgy lol!!

Tell me, why do you train? Do you know? Is it vanity? Is it for health, longevity, quality of life or is it for sport or is it because you simply love getting into the gym and killing it!!?? Think about it for a while. Yes there maybe some vanity in everything we do in the gym 🙂 but ultimately there are other underlying reasons. But usually satisfying judges doesn’t apply….

So if it’s not for bodybuilding why do you do the stuff they do? If you’re doing weights why on earth would you sit down in a machine? I mean what purpose can it serve. For one it’s lazy, our bodies sit (or lie) down for most part of the day and night, in front of computers and TV’s and in beds, why would you want to do this on machines when “working out”? We’re creatures of movement, use your limbs, engage your brain and nervous system, activate your core and find exercises that challenge you. Secondly a machine “isolates” a muscle and when do we ever use a muscle in isolation…..well ok there is one time lol but usually other muscles are playing supporting roles even doing that….usually however our bodies are working as a single unit, everything “switched on” and combining to work synergistically (everything being brain, nervous system, muscles, bones and connective tissue) for a particular outcome. Thirdly machines force the body part we are “isolating” through a range of motion the machine has been designed for. Is that your range of motion, his, hers, the next persons? Sure you can adjust certain bits but you can never get proper range of motion because no one size fits all. Ok Technogym Kinesis stand up and take a bow, that is quality but even that is not strictly a machine 🙂

So DON’T USE MACHINES and if you do, like I do sometimes, use them sparingly and only if they fit your overall objective.

Still don’t know what that is? Start reading decent publications, engage decent professional help and start thinking first principles, “what am I training for and what do I want to achieve?” You could even have a look at some of the lifts we have here on this blog and start thinking how these lifts could help you? I’m sure they could 🙂 You can even contact UFIT and sit down with one of us and address your programming and take tips and let us help you build a program based on your goals. That’s what we do and we do it really well 🙂



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