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Nutrition Part II

Guys thank you for all your comments on how I eat. All appreciated! Dan mentioned that I have the 2 protein shakes at the start and end of every day, the ones that include the greens and fruits powders, vitamin C powder and flaxseed oil. And yes these are pretty calorie-laden and make a significant contribution to my nutrient intake.

A lot of people are shocked at how little it seems I eat. BUT I EAT GOOD STUFF, maybe small in quantity but high in quality 🙂 What YOU should be concerned with is what do you eat that is –

1, Junk

2, Wrecking your weight-management goals

Ok so essentially these 2 are the same but some people don’t know that coffee, as mentioned previously, will screw with your hormones and so, spoiling your attempts at weight loss. Also sauces and dressings, sugar in coffee/tea, cereal etc, these are also small things that de-rail your plans. Add to that excess meat consumption (you end up, again, screwing with your hormones because I hate to tell you this but meat is chocked full of hormones, pesticides and antibiotics) and by excess I mean as little as once a day eating red meat, too much fried food, too much foodcourt and restaurant food (essentially the same quality, please FORGET the rubbish that good restaurants serve you healthy food, they DON’T, they serve you PROFITABLE food lol). A restaurant serving lawyers and bankers is in the same business as the lawyers and bankers. What’s that you ask? Use your imagination 😉

Junk is easily quantifiable – white bread, white rice, pasta’s (ok so wholemeal pasta is ok, just ok…), potatoes (sweet potato is ok). And you will know that there is a host of other junk like soft drinks, sweet foods etc.

Guys it’s too easy. Eliminate the rubbish most of the time. Clearly you can’t eat like this all the time 🙂 If any of you watched me in Phuket at Asia’s Biggest Bootcamp 3, ploughing through mojito’s and mountains of wonderful food, you will know that the eating program I stick to most of the time was left firmly behind back here in Singapore!

So as Nate said in his really cool lifestyle talk in Phuket, use the 80:20 rule in that you do the right thing 80% of the time. Food-wise……

So a question. Did YOU take up the challenge last time and make changes to your eating? I mean there’s a couple of posts on this blog with some highly usable information, did/will you use it or did/will you just think about it??



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