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UFIT Run, October 5, 2010

I have to say the session last night was why I started UFIT Run. What do I mean by that? We had a range of fitness present (all guys by the way, shame girls!!!) and every single one of the guys gave it all or as best they could given the circumstances. We are never always going to be on our A-Game but giving it a crack, even if eventually it beats you, is what you do, right? Excellent boys, excellent!! The competition was fierce all the way through with a solitary second separating 2 or 3 runners on several runs.

If you’re reading this and never done a UFIT Run I urge you to get along next week, this session will do wonders for your fitness with a bit of healthy, fun competition thrown in.

Ok so on debut last night was Mountain Man Axe (Grant Rawlinson), now officially dubbed “MMA” and also Ian Joshua who delivered on the first run and garnered a 3rd place on “Stairway to Heaving”. He joins 2 others in third for Stairway in the Top Times, Neil Dyball and Neal Sullivan. Sadly for all the effort this was the only Top Time last night although some went very close at various stages.

David Hug pulled off a Total Elapsed Time (TET) of 0:16:00 taking him to 6th overall, he posted the 14th TET on debut last week so do we expect him to leap even further next week?? Fingers crossed for David! Ian himself grabbed 12th overall with a TET of 0:16:20 and Grant grabbed 16th spot with a 0:16:38. To give you an idea there are 7 seconds between 9th and 16th spot on the Mens TET’s! There’s less than a 3 minute spread through the whole field in the TET’s!

Great efforts last night from Mark Taylor, Nick Dean and Jason Parry, JP running a fraction over 3 minutes at Main St and under 5 minutes for the Big Monsta and in the process winning both. MMA also had 3 wins last night but struggled on Big Monsta 😦 Both Nick and Mark had come downs last night posting slower times than previously but we can’t always be setting better times!

As I said, great job by all last night, here are the times from last night, the Top Times on the website

Stairway to Heaving Ian 0:01:25 Grant 0:01:28 David H 0:01:28 Jason 0:01:30 Nick 0:01:35 Mark 0:01:47 Main Steet Jason 0:03:03 Ian 0:03:07 David H 0:03:08 Grant 0:03:27 Nick 0:03:33 Mark 0:04:48 No Picnic at Raffles Grant 0:01:36 David H 0:01:38 Jason 0:01:41 Ian 0:01:41 Nick 0:01:49 Mark 0:02:26 Hill St Blues Grant 0:02:49 David H 0:02:50 Ian 0:03:02 Nick 0:03:36 Jason 0:04:01 Mark 0:04:18 The Hexing Vex Grant 0:01:57 David H 0:01:58 Ian 0:02:04 Nick 0:02:15 Jason 0:02:17 Mark 0:03:10 Big (kinda) Monster Jason 0:04:53 David H 0:04:58 Ian 0:05:01 Nick 0:05:18 Grant 0:05:21 Mark dns

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