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UFIT Run, October 26, 2010

WHAT a session last night! UFIT Run was huge! 8 committed individuals smashing it around Fort Canning and smashing records!! I literally don’t know where to start! So I may as well start at the top! Both, yes BOTH, Total Elapsed Times records were smashed last night! Stand up Chris Knott (14min 48secs) and Ann Marie O’Brien (16min 40sec) the new Mens and Womens record holders respectively! Both records were long-standing the womens (held by Carolyn Pryor) was almost 3 months old and the mens (held by Andy Perkins) was more than 4 months old!! WOW what a BIG session. But it didn’t stop there!!

Chris beat his record on Main St, a record that he set in the first week of June!! He also ran PB’s on Hill St and Big Monsta to grab shares of second place on both those runs on the Top Times list. Excellent, excellent running from Knotty!! Is he the Fittest Man in UFIT??

Ann Marie for her part (and it must be said, on debut at UFIT Run!) snared outright record TT’s on 2 runs and an equal first on another, a second and a third to boot. Is Ann Marie the Fittest Woman at UFIT??

Both athletes have compelling arguments in the affirmative!!

But  the records didn’t stop with those 2! Elliot Rogers proved his 3rd placing on Hill St Blues last week was no fluke by SMASHING the record THIS WEEK by almost 10 seconds. If you know this run you will know that is simply amazing! Rounding off the night’s records Grant Axe Rawlinson grabbed a second place TT on No Picnic at Raffles with a great run. Shame the ESPN cam wasn’t there!!

Probably the most interesting stat to come out of last night is 4 Ufitters ran into the top 10 of mens  TET’s!! That’s right, 4 of the top 10 total elapsed times ever run at UFIT Run were set last night!! Plus of course Ann Marie’s number 1 ranking.

1, Chris Knott; 4, Axe Rawlinson; 8, Jay Kumpel (on debut); 10, Tom Burrell (triallist), plus Simon Myers ran the 11th!!

Top Ten TET’s to follow, plus all last nights times and please check out the Top Times on the website!

Mens TET’s

1 Chris 0:14:48 26.10.10;       2 Perks 0:14:54 17.06.10;       3 Chris 0:15:14 29.07.10;       4 Axe 0:15:20 26.10.10;       5 Perks 0:15:27 01.07.10;       6 Patrick 0:15:35 17.06.10;       7 Chris 0:15:39 19.10.10;       8 Jay 0:15:41 26.10.10;       9 Johnny 0:15:47 29.07.10;       10 Tom 0:15:52 26.10.10

Womens TET’s

1 Ann Marie 0:16:40 26.10.10;       2 Carolyn 0:16:52 29.07.10;       3 Kit 0:17:30 12.10.10;       4 Zu 0:18:31 10.06.10;       5 Carolyn 0:18:37 08.07.10;       6 Courtney 0:18:59 14.09.10;       7 Natalie 0:19:13 29.07.10;       8 Courtney 0:20:06 19.10.10;       9 Meagan 0:20:14 28.09.10;       10 Courtney 0:20:21 02.09.10

Last nights times

Stairway to Heaving Chris 0:01:19 Elliot 0:01:21 Ben 0:01:22 Axe 0:01:24 Tom 0:01:28 Jay 0:01:31 Simon 0:01:33 Ann Marie 0:01:37 Main Steet Chris 0:02:55 Axe 0:03:03 Tom 0:03:05 Jay 0:03:07 Elliot 0:03:08 Simon 0:03:09 Ben 0:03:17 Ann Marie 0:03:24 No Picnic at Raffles Axe 0:01:27 Chris 0:01:33 Jay 0:01:34 Elliot 0:01:35 Tom 0:01:36 Ben 0:01:38 Simon 0:01:39 Ann Marie 0:01:41 Hill St Blues Elliot 0:02:24 Chris 0:02:33 Axe 0:02:45 Tom 0:02:46 Jay 0:02:48 Simon 0:02:50 Ann Marie 0:02:53 Ben 0:02:53 The Hexing Vex Axe 0:01:52 Chris 0:01:53 Jay 0:01:57 Tom 0:02:02 Simon 0:02:04 Ann Marie 0:02:09 Elliot 0:02:15 Ben 0:02:22 Big (kinda) Monster Chris 0:04:35 Simon 0:04:39 Jay 0:04:44 Axe 0:04:49 Tom 0:04:55 Ann Marie 0:04:56 Elliot 0:05:47 Ben 0:06:28


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