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UFIT Run, November 2, 2010

UFIT Run hit Fort Canning last night with 4 Ufitters that included 2 triallists, 1 member doing Run for only the second time and another member on debut. Whilst not the outright competitiveness and close racing from last week, every Runner tested his/herself all around the Park. Simon Myers, returning after debuting last week, ran a Total Elapsed Time 1 second faster than last week, there’s an improvement! Hetul Patel on debut ran strongly throughout and triallists Rena and Martin both put in highly credible performances.

And the session did also provide another record, a second place TT to Simon for his brilliant 4min 28 on The Big Monsta, missing John Ray’s record by a second!! Simon ran a 4min 39 behind Chris Knott’s 4min 35 last week so an excellent 11 sec improvement this week 🙂 Plus an entry onto the UFIT Top Times records on the website!! Just quietly he bumped out Andy Perkins on Big Monsta so Perks now has 3 thirds left……poor Perky!! 🙂

Here’s last night’s times –

Stairway to Heaving Hetul 0:01:30 Simon 0:01:32 Martin 0:01:55 Rena 0:02:17; Main Street Simon 0:03:23 Hetul 0:03:44 Martin 0:04:39 Rena 0:05:03; No Picnic at Raffles Simon 0:01:42 Hetul 0:01:59 Martin 0:02:09 Rena 0:02:33; Hill St Blues Simon 0:02:48 Hetul 0:03:17 Martin 0:04:10 Rena 0:04:37; The Hexing Vex Simon 0:02:00 Hetul 0:02:11 Martin 0:02:35 Rena 0:03:10; Big Monsta Simon 0:04:28 Hetul 0:06:53 Martin 0:07:05 Rena 0:07:41


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