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UFIT Run, Oct 09 and 23, 2010

Hi everyone sorry for the UFIT Run inactivity recently but judging by last night, Run is BACK! Still as we head into December, eye’s start going off balls (so to speak) and fitness becomes secondary to partying, it seems 🙂 So we will play it by ear for Run going through December….

The 9th saw Grant Axe Rawlinson and Mat Howe take centre-stage and go head to head around Fort Canning. Top stuff, no records but a massive session. It was a session recorded by ESPN-Star Sports for Axe’s Video Blog – http://www.espnstar.com/media-player/ (click on “other sports” and then “hit squad” and look for “Axe for Everest”.

The session on the 16th was cancelled due to rain…….

Last night we had 5 Ufitters, Gavin Kramer and Lydia Daly on debut and regular Runners Diana Fox, David Hug and Hetul Patel. Excellent efforts all round, particularly so for David who achieved his best ever Total Elapsed Time and the 5th best ever TET! David also grabbed a share of 3rd place on Top Times for Hill St Blues, well done mate!

Here are the times from last night plus the 9th and click here for Top Times

09.11.10 Stairway to Heaving Axe 0:01:36 Mat H 0:01:36 Main Street Axe 0:03:42 Mat H 0:03:48 No Picnic at Raffles Axe 0:01:43 Mat H 0:01:46 Hill St Blues Axe 0:03:11 Mat H 0:03:17 The Hexing Vex Axe 0:02:11 Mat H 0:02:14 Big Monsta Axe 0:06:48 Mat H 0:06:52

23.11.10 Stairway to Heaving David H 0:01:28 Gavin 0:01:30 Hetul 0:01:30 Lydia 0:01:55 Diana 0:02:12 Main Steet David H 0:03:05 Gavin 0:03:15 Hetul 0:03:40 Lydia 0:03:58 Diana 0:04:42 No Picnic at Raffles David H 0:01:36 Gavin 0:01:38 Hetul 0:01:54 Lydia 0:02:03 Diana 0:02:17 Hill St Blues David H 0:02:39 Gavin 0:02:47 Hetul 0:03:49 Lydia 0:04:07 Diana 0:04:29 The Hexing Vex David H 0:01:58 Gavin 0:02:07 Hetul 0:02:20 Lydia 0:02:20 Diana 0:03:04 Big Monsta David H 0:04:39 Gavin 0:05:05 Lydia 0:07:11 Diana 0:07:29 Hetul dns


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