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UFIT Run, December 21, 2010

UFIT Run #25 took place last night with a sharp downpour just prior to the commencement of the session meaning really fast times were doomed……and so was Adam Deutsch’s first run as whilst leading the guys down into the tunnel prior to the circular stairs his feet went horizontal in front of him and he landed smack on his back. The 2 other Runners last night, after carefully checking his condition with, “you alright’s” as they sped past, continued on and ran pretty good times……well done debutant Jamie Booth and UFIT Run regular Patrick Donaldson. I think. Lol. Adam peeled himself off the path and jogged to the top. But I knew he was itching for another crack at it so with Patrick pacing him they both took off and Adam then proceeded to run the best time of the night on “Heaving” with a 1min25. Patrick also bettered his first time!

There were subsequently no Top Times nor any top 10 Total Elapsed Times run. For the record all 3 guys recorded 2 wins each. Adam and Patrick had one second place and 3 thirds whilst Jamie got 4 seconds with his 2 firsts making him Mr Consistent last night, on debut!

As usual you can check out the Top Times on the UFIT website and here are last nights times –

Stairway to Heaving Adam 0:01:25 Jamie B 0:01:31 Patrick 0:01:31; Main Street Jamie B 0:03:12 Patrick 0:03:25 Adam 0:03:51; No Picnic at Raffles Adam 0:01:32 Jamie B 0:01:35 Patrick 0:01:38; Hill St Blues Patrick 0:02:44 Jamie B 0:02:51 Adam 0:03:24; The Hexing Vex Jamie B 0:02:02 Adam 0:02:05 Patrick 0:02:07; Big Monster Patrick 0:04:41 Jamie B 0:05:23 Adam 0:06:07



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UFIT Run, Dec 14, 2010

Cracking session again in Fort last night, Patrick Donaldson returned from a spell firstly injured and more recently in training for the StanChart Half (1Hr 44min) and went head to head with one of last weeks combatants Simon Myers (1hr 45min)!! So clearly fairly even matched runners and so it proved. A very quick session (55 minutes) and although just one record was set (it had been raining and was quite wet), the usual UFIT Run I N T E N S I T Y was very evident!!

Simon, for the second week running, re-set the record books with a massive time on Big Monster, shaving 3 seconds off his PB from last week!

The more we do this session the more I am convinced that everyone would benefit so much from this type of work. In my recent blogpost on intensity I mentioned the key point is everyone works at different intensities but that’s ok. As long as what intensity you are working at is demanding on you, you are outside your comfort zone for long periods (with the 5 breaks we have between the 6 runs). This is good for you and you need it!

This is UFIT Run, come do it and find out how it can benefit you!

Last night’s times follow, click here for Top Times

Stairway to Heaving Patrick 0:01:28 Simon 0:01:39; Main Street Patrick 0:03:18 Simon 0:03:23; No Picnic at Raffles Simon 0:01:38 Patrick 0:01:41; Hill St Blues Patrick 0:02:48 Simon 0:02:59; The Hexing Vex Patrick 0:02:08 Simon 0:02:12; Big (kinda) Monster Simon 0:04:23 Patrick 0:05:16



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This could be the most valuable training tip, ever….

I like brash statements particularly when I know them to be true! I would like you to think about the concept of performance. What does this word conjure in your mind? Do words like maximal, peak and ultimate come to mind? For me they do. In your place of work I’m guessing you have to perform. You have goals, targets, KPI’s that have to be met. There is pressure to perform and there is expectation from the paymasters!

What if I was to say to you that unless you take that attitude to your training you won’t meet your goals and targets there, either? You want results, you should take expectation into your training and so ultimately, you need to perform! Come to think about it, a lot of things in life can be attributed to performance.

If you just get up on that elliptical trainer and fixate on the TV, sit on that bike and freewheel a bit or sit down at this machine or that what’s going to happen? Nothing, right? Right!

The old saying, “you get out of something only what you put into it”. Or, “garbage in, garbage out”.

It’s a bit like a sports car and a family wagon. If you’re a big unit, room for plenty inside, moderate engine running on 95 you will be a trundling sedan. If you’re a bit leaner, sleeker, room for only 2 and running a revved up turbo-charged engine, well baby, you’re a sports car!! What are you? And more importantly what would you rather be?

Ok so I’d better start revealing this training tip! It’s called I N T E N S I T Y. You have to bring it, regularly. Performance in your training is dictated to a large extent by intensity! And I hear you saying but I’m not even halfway to being fit how can I “bring the intensity??”

I’m here to say this – Intensity is Relative!!

Clearly someone not so fit will struggle to complete tasks at the intensity that a fit person would bring. However there’s differences in intensity with groups of fit people as much as there’s differences in intensity between fit and not so fit. It doesn’t matter! You just have to work outside of your comfort zone for periods during your training to up the intensity.

Remember when you were a kid and you were with a friend or fellow team mate or even a fellow competitor and you were doing some kind of physical activity? And this other person was fitter than you. But you were determined to keep up and even beat this person. And you did! You summoned that competitive spirit and you dug in and you performed!! How did this happen?? A big part of it was because you raised the intensity.

At UFIT there is ample opportunity to raise the intensity. And most of the time members buy into it and bring it! But if you’re like the average Ufitter you’re attending UFIT sessions twice a week so potentially there are 3 other sessions you’re doing a week where you probably are not bringing the intensity. BRING IT, ALWAYS!! I know sometimes you can’t, sure, we’re not all Olympic athletes in fact none of us are (that I know of 🙂 ) but that shouldn’t stop us pushing ourselves!

You don’t need to set Personal Bests every time but you do need to keep raising the intensity. This can be done in many ways –

Cardio (interval training): increase speed during intervals; increase length of work interval or decrease rest interval; increase number of intervals.

Resistance Training: Add more weight; Change number of reps from what should be standard (4-5) to 10-12, once and a while.

Have recovery weeks where you don’t raise the intensity, say every 4-5 weeks. You must also remember to have rest and renewal periods where you don’t train at all (perfect period coming up over the Christmas week!). This only applies of course if you have already been training with intensity……

So there you have it. Intensity. A simple word that can mean so much to your training. Understand what this word means and buy into the concept. Your training will improve out of sight as a consequence! As usual it’s something we here at UFIT understand and if you would like our help, do drop us a line –



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UFIT Run, Dec 07, 2010

WOW!! Life does indeed begin at 40!! Last night at UFIT Run there were 3 members (well, 2 plus me, I decided I’d have a go last night). Collective age of the 3 of us, 133 years so an average age of more than 44. We posted the third, fourth and eighth fastest TET’s ever plus Simon Myers ran into history by collecting the quickest time ever on the Big Monsta! David Hug picked up 2 thirds and grabbed another third by himself after temporarily sharing third with Neil Dyball on Hill St Blues.

Probably the most interesting stat to come out of the night was we completed the 6 runs in exactly 1 hour, including warm up. The average time for a session is 1 hour 15 mins so not only were we quick on the runs we were quick between runs as well.

Simon was absolutely delighted post run on Monsta as were David and I. We smashed it around the course, Simon could hear out footsteps right behind him and after propping the field up on the shorter anaerobic runs was determined to win the one truly aerobic run out of the 6.

But hang on there’s more! Both David and Simon over the last weekend had big events. Simon ran a 1hr45min for the half marathon at the StanChart here in Singapore whereas David went up into Malaysia and ran a competitive 28 km jungle run!!! And got 10th out of 100!!! I was absolutely amazed to hear of these 2 guys, in their 40’s, running hard, fast events and then backing up and doing UFIT Run AND posting such great times. You guys are awesome, seriously!

So what a session, my legs are sore this morning but in a really good way. Thank you to Simon and David for bringing A-games last night, we had a really great session together!

BTW there was no Run last week due to poor weather so no post for that. Here are last night’s times, TET’s for the Men follow, Top Times click here! –

Stairway to Heaving Darren B 0:01:23 David H 0:01:24 Simon 0:01:31; Main Street David H 0:02:59 Darren B 0:03:04 Simon 0:03:08; No Picnic at Raffles Darren B 0:01:32 David H 0:01:35 Simon 0:01:40; Hill St Blues Darren B 0:02:36 David H 0:02:38 Simon 0:02:40; The Hexing Vex Darren B 0:01:52 David H 0:01:54 Simon 0:02:01; Big (kinda) Monster Simon 0:04:26 David H 0:04:33 Darren B 0:04:33

Top Ten TET’s – Male

1 Chris 0:14:48 26.10.10; 2 Perks 0:14:54 17.06.10; 3 Darren 0:15:00 07.12.10; 4 David H 0:15:03 07.12.10; 5 Chris 0:15:14 29.07.10; 6 Axe 0:15:20 26.10.10; 7 David H 0:15:25 23.11.10; 8 Simon 0:15:26 07.12.10; 9 Perks 0:15:27 01.07.10; 10 Patrick 0:15:35 17.06.10


Why am I not seeing change?

Today I’m going to talk about change and how YOU can promote it. Actually it’s usually more a case of why you aren’t promoting change as you will read.

First up however thanks to all of you that reported the link to an article on my previous post wasn’t working. It is now so please revisit the post and check out the link – Strength Training.

I meet a lot of people who tell me they are training this way or that, they have a Trainer now or they saw a program on TV on a new training method and they’ve been doing it for 6 weeks but nothing has changed. I have had the occasional UFIT member also say to me, “Darren, I come to UFIT twice a week and have been for 8 weeks but don’t see too much change” (actually this hasn’t been said to me for a while now 🙂 ).

My answer to the last one is, “so what else have you been doing?” I mean does anyone really think 2 hours of exercise a week will stimulate change? For most people that will only slow down the weight gaining process it won’t stop it. It certainly won’t help someone lose weight. I’ve had some members coming to 5 UFIT’s a week and they lost weight. It’s likely most people that do 5 UFIT’s a week will but what works for one person may not work for another.

The key here is balance. A balance between a number of variables primarily exercise, nutrition (food and water) and rest, these variables being to my mind the pillars of a healthy lifestyle.

Within these 3 variables it’s important to understand the role each plays with a view to prioritising each. In turn this prioritising indicates the importance of each variable. I’ll pose the following scenario to illustrate the point. Think of an experiment on a group of individuals that I could set up like this –

Group A: Nutrition; Skip breakfast, coffee and bagel going into the office, late lunch, hawker or takeaway food, a few coffees through the afternoon and a late dinner at home and absolutely famished! Exercise; 3xUFIT’s a week

Group B: Nutrition; Cereal or a couple of eggs and a glass of water, packed sandwich (prepared at home) and a piece of fruit for a lunch in the office or sitting outside, protein shake mid-afternoon and a salad with tuna or beef upon getting home. Exercise; 3xUFIT’s a week.

Whom of Group A or B would lose weight more effectively? Clearly B and why, because they’re prioritising nutrition. By eating earlier and in a more structured way they will sleep better as well.

Now if Group B also reduced nutrient volume as well, i.e. ate less (an easy task completed by trial and error) and kept up the exercise they would lose even more weight!

Just this past Wednesday evening during the UFIT session at the Botanics I bumped into an old gym mate of mine. He was running through the park and saw the group and came over. He’s clearly lost a lot of weight recently and I commented on that. When we were training together a few years ago (ok so about 10 years ago!) we were always discussing the various training issues at that time. I wasn’t at that time involved in the industry, I was just a regular gym guy and my mate and I trained with a couple of other mates one of whom was a competitive bodybuilder. The bodybuilder said that Arnold Schwarzenegger was well known for saying that training successfully required a balance of 75% diet, 20% exercise and 5% rest. Now you all know bodybuilders are not my favourite athletes, if indeed they are “athletes” but Arnie is close to the mark in prioritising nutrition. A rider of course is what Arnie considers to be nutrition and what really is nutrition may be an interesting debate, if you know what I mean…. 😉 The point of this story being my mate is running a bit, in the gym a bit but has changed his nutrition considerably. And it showed!

The question I pose to you all is how much do you prioritise nutrition in your lives? Exercise will provide a lot of benefits but you are minimising those benefits if you aren’t eating properly. The scenario I provided as option B in my theoretical experiment back up the page is an easy way to eat.

I want you all to come to UFIT as much as you can. But if you are only coming once or twice a week and this is your only exercise in the week, you need to have a re-think on your approach. Ideally human beings would be exercising for at least 30 minutes 5 times per week but ideally up to 60 minutes 5 times per week. An interesting site with guidelines on exercise is here.

The great news is UFIT will provide an additional 3 sessions every week as of January making a total of 12 weekly sessions!

Eating well is really quite easy. But what a lot of people know as “eating well” and what this concept really is can be 2 quite different things 🙂 This blog has 10 posts discussing nutrition. Have a read through the “nutrition posts” section reading bottom up, it will take you 15 minutes tops to read them all. There’s heaps of advice about do’s and don’ts.

And if you want some advice on nutrition we can help. We have a “tailored” nutritional coaching service, drop me an email or give me a call!



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