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UFIT Run, Jan 25, 2011

Firstly an apology. To the Axe Man aka Grant Rawlinson, the man taking on Mt Everest, Axe EQUALLED the record held by Jason Parry on No Picnic at Raffles with a 1min 25sec last week and I didn’t even mention it!! Tsk, tsk!! I am such a BAD blogger and I really am. I.Will.Change.My.Ways! C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s Axe Man! And he would have given the 1:25 another crack last night if he wasn’t parked on the AYE near Tuas (yes parked, ON the AYE) due to an accident last night. Hetul Patel and Daryl Harding did manage to avoid traffic jams and completed UFIT Run last night. Well done to you 2! A combination of a wet afternoon and a concert interfered with chances of good times so a consolidatory session ensued! Nice to see the 2 of them, in an act of comradery and contrivance, run identical times on Big Monster! The IOC would not approve (unless you placed the brown paper bag beneath the table at the hearing….)!! Good job guys lets hope Selly sees a few more of you guys at UFIT Run next installment!

Check out the UFIT Run Top Times here

Stairway to Heaving Hetul 0:01:31 Daryl 0:01:38; Main Street Daryl 0:04:01 Hetul 0:04:02; No Picnic at Raffles Daryl 0:01:41 Hetul 0:01:51; Hill St Blues Hetul 0:03:06 Daryl 0:03:22; The Hexing Vex Daryl 0:02:00 Hetul 0:02:08; Big Monster Daryl 0:05:48 Hetul 0:05:48



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UFIT Run, Jan 18, 2011

6 Ufitters accepted the UFIT challenge we call UFIT Run last night in Fort Canning. 6 different runs, each offering a unique challenge and each having a record-holder for Men and Women (we call them the Top Times – TT’s). Plus the Total Elapsed Time (TET) for the 6 runs combined, records currently held by Chris Knott (14min 48sec) and Ann Marie O’Brien (16min 40sec).

Step up Adam Deutsch, the conquerer of the first run, Stairway to Heaving, aptly named for the leg-knifing stairs to be run after a fast downhill. Ex record holder Paul Sedman knocked 2 seconds off the previous record held jointly by Chris, Adam himself and Ian Joshua. Adam reclaimed the record by a further 2 seconds to re-set the record at 1min 14secs – UNBELIEVABLE!! If you have ever had a crack at this run you will know this is a HUGE time! Well done Adam!

All 3 debutants at “Run” last week returned and all 3 did great jobs! Anne Morgan and Daryl Harding actually bettering all 6 times this week and Wilson Reyes returning with 4 better times, so all in all a great session for you guys! We usually do see better times the second run as you become more familiar with the course layout, the challenge is always to keep those times coming down! Furthermore, Anne also grabbed a third place TT!! Well done to you Anne!!

Also starting last night, after a long absence was Hetul Patel. After climbing Kilimanjaro in December Hetul is now back into UFIT! And Hetul also did a magnificent job, bettering 5 of his previous times and missing the 6th by only a second!

Lastly but not least was the runner with the best TET last night, Grant “the Axe” Rawlinson. Axe won 5 out of the 6 runs last night and was also second to Adam in the first run. Axe is climbing Everest in April and after a good Christmas break is squarely back on track with his (UFIT designed) fitness program. Axe is having several fund-raising events over the next few months, Ufitters, lets all try and support him on his climb! It will benefit several charities, please check out his website here – http://climbforhope.wordpress.com/

Ok so onto the times from last night –

Stairway to Heaving Adam 0:01:14 Axe 0:01:20 Wilson 0:01:21 Hetul 0:01:31 Daryl 0:01:33 Anne 0:01:57; Main Street Axe 0:03:05 Wilson 0:03:14 Hetul 0:03:23 Daryl 0:03:24 Adam 0:03:30 Anne 0:03:45; No Picnic at Raffles Axe 0:01:25 Adam 0:01:28 Wilson 0:01:36 Daryl 0:01:37 Hetul 0:01:50 Anne 0:01:57; Hill St Blues Axe 0:02:40 Wilson 0:03:04 Adam 0:03:15 Daryl 0:03:21 Hetul 0:03:30 Anne 0:03:34; The Hexing Vex Axe 0:01:58 Daryl 0:02:06 Wilson 0:02:06 Adam 0:02:09 Hetul 0:02:15 Anne 0:02:21; Big Monster Axe 0:04:58 Wilson 0:05:15 Adam 0:05:19 Anne 0:05:20 Daryl 0:05:41 Hetul 0:05:47



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UFIT Run, Jan 11, 2011

UFIT Run Tuesday was a “red-letter” day for UFIT! For one our new Trainer Selina Aziz took the session, her debut as a UFIT Trainer, congratulations to you Selina! And secondly we had more members (3) on debut than we did members that have completed their maiden UFIT Run (1). Great Stuff!! So joining regular “Run” ner the Axe Man were Anne Morgan, Daryl Harding and Wilson Reyes. And a competitive session it turned out to be, as is usually the case, with all 4 runners making their own contributions in one way or the other to a top session, so well done to all!!

UFIT Run is a session which, every week, we run the same 6 loops around Fort Canning with a goal to providing UFIT Members a chance to gauge fitness progress. This is gauged by individual times on each loop and by overall time for the 6 loops combined. Members can track their own progress by reviewing their own times, other members times and total times for all on this blog and the top 3 times ever, for men and women on the UFIT Website.

The 6 runs are all different in nature and therefore they all challenge you in different aspects of your cardiovascular fitness. You can go into Fort Canning and practice on the loops on your own or with friends. You can time yourself and check how you’re doing against others from the blog or website, it’s all good fun!

Here are the times from Tuesday –

Stairway to Heaving Grant 0:01:29 Wilson 0:01:32 Daryl 0:01:38 Anne 0:01:59; Main Street Grant 0:03:18 Wilson 0:03:22 Daryl 0:03:37 Anne 0:03:55; No Picnic at Raffles Grant 0:01:42 Wilson 0:01:43 Daryl 0:01:53 Anne 0:01:59; Hill St Blues Grant 0:02:57 Wilson 0:03:04 Daryl 0:03:27 Anne 0:03:54; The Hexing Vex Grant 0:02:00 Wilson 0:02:01 Daryl 0:02:17 Anne 0:02:25; Big Monster Grant 0:05:31 Wilson 0:05:37 Anne 0:05:48 Daryl 0:06:21

UFIT Run, Jan 04, 2011

A great start to UFIT Run in the new year and decade! Simon Myers continuing his fine form with a record equalling run on Big Monster (HIS record mind you!) AND grabbing the 5th fastest Total Elapsed Time ever – 15mins 10secs! Brilliant mate 🙂 Debuting on Run last night was UFIT newbie Joyce Ong and joining her on debut was Cecilia Zecha. Along for the ride as usual Diana Fox after 3 weeks in Wonderland and Grant The Axe Rawlinson, the guy whom will be putting the chop to Mount Everest in April!

I have to hand it to all 5 of you, less than a week into the New Year and you guys are tackling the toughest UFIT on the schedule! Awesome stuff! Here are your times and the link to the Top Times is here

Stairway to Heaving Simon 0:01:31 Axe 0:01:51 Cecilia 0:02:21 Diana 0:02:31 Joyce dns; Main Street Simon 0:03:08 Axe 0:03:16 Cecilia 0:04:46 Diana 0:04:59 Joyce dns; No Picnic at Raffles Simon 0:01:35 Axe 0:01:51 Joyce 0:01:54 Cecilia 0:02:14 Diana 0:02:24; Hill St Blues Simon 0:02:35 Axe 0:03:00 Joyce 0:03:15 Cecilia 0:03:52 Diana 0:04:29; The Hexing Vex Simon 0:01:58 Axe 0:02:12 Joyce 0:02:24 Cecilia 0:02:40 Diana 0:03:13; Big (kinda) Monster Simon 0:04:23 Axe 0:05:57 Joyce 0:06:16 Cecilia 0:06:43 Diana 0:07:55