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UFIT Run, Jan 04, 2011

A great start to UFIT Run in the new year and decade! Simon Myers continuing his fine form with a record equalling run on Big Monster (HIS record mind you!) AND grabbing the 5th fastest Total Elapsed Time ever – 15mins 10secs! Brilliant mate 🙂 Debuting on Run last night was UFIT newbie Joyce Ong and joining her on debut was Cecilia Zecha. Along for the ride as usual Diana Fox after 3 weeks in Wonderland and Grant The Axe Rawlinson, the guy whom will be putting the chop to Mount Everest in April!

I have to hand it to all 5 of you, less than a week into the New Year and you guys are tackling the toughest UFIT on the schedule! Awesome stuff! Here are your times and the link to the Top Times is here

Stairway to Heaving Simon 0:01:31 Axe 0:01:51 Cecilia 0:02:21 Diana 0:02:31 Joyce dns; Main Street Simon 0:03:08 Axe 0:03:16 Cecilia 0:04:46 Diana 0:04:59 Joyce dns; No Picnic at Raffles Simon 0:01:35 Axe 0:01:51 Joyce 0:01:54 Cecilia 0:02:14 Diana 0:02:24; Hill St Blues Simon 0:02:35 Axe 0:03:00 Joyce 0:03:15 Cecilia 0:03:52 Diana 0:04:29; The Hexing Vex Simon 0:01:58 Axe 0:02:12 Joyce 0:02:24 Cecilia 0:02:40 Diana 0:03:13; Big (kinda) Monster Simon 0:04:23 Axe 0:05:57 Joyce 0:06:16 Cecilia 0:06:43 Diana 0:07:55


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