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The question remains, will anyone step up to beat the current King of Canning, the Axe?? Some have come and tried, all have failed! He pretty much cruised the session Tuesday and it wasn’t if the competition wasn’t pretty keen! Simon Myers and Patrick Donaldson (on return after a few weeks lay-off) are both worthy UFIT Runners and they were joined by Anne Morgan (a 48 min 10k runner) and the new wife of Axe, Stephanie Rawlinson, who was on debut! No records set, but it was a bit wet, nevertheless good times all-round! Have you done UFIT Run yet? It’s a great session, tough but always great comradery and you ALWAYS feel GREAT about completing UFIT Run! Let’s hope we see some more of you out there next week! These are the Top Times and here are the times from Tuesday –

Stairway to Heaving Axe 0:01:29 Patrick 0:01:30 Simon 0:01:33 Anne 0:02:01 Stephanie 0:02:12; Main Street Axe 0:03:10 Patrick 0:03:15 Simon 0:03:17 Anne 0:03:56 Stephanie 0:04:38; No Picnic at Raffles Axe 0:01:31 Simon 0:01:38 Patrick 0:01:45 Anne 0:01:59 Stephanie 0:02:13; Hill St Blues Axe 0:02:36 Simon 0:02:39 Patrick 0:03:08 Anne 0:03:51 Stephanie 0:04:13; The Hexing Vex Axe 0:02:00 Simon 0:02:04 Patrick 0:02:16 Anne 0:02:21 Stephanie 0:02:52; Big Monster Simon 0:04:29 Patrick 0:05:11 Anne 0:05:20 Axe 0:05:35 Stephanie dns



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