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UFIT Run, Feb 15, 2011

A wet and wild afternoon proved no obstacle to our dedicated Ufitters cranking out UFIT Run last night! Clearly impacting on times however, the slippery surfaces not creating optimal conditions for record-setting! Joining established UFIT Run’ers Anne Morgan, Hetul Patel and Patrick Donaldson was triallist Quill, one of the guys responsible for bringing us the Comedy Club! Patrick, even considering the wet conditions, improved his times from last week’s pretty quick session remarkably well! Hetul had a mixed bag night with a couple of improvements whilst Anne had a night of consolidation with times slightly off from last week 😦 Nevertheless, a cool evening and great comraderie amongst the team! See you next week!

Stairway to Heaving Patrick 0:01:30 Hetul 0:01:31 Anne 0:01:56 Quill 0:02:37; Main Street Patrick 0:03:08 Hetul 0:03:29 Anne 0:03:53 Quill 0:05:36; No Picnic at Raffles Patrick 0:01:36 Hetul 0:01:42 Anne 0:02:06 Quill 0:02:50; Hill St Blues Patrick 0:02:53 Anne 0:03:54 Quill 0:04:34 Hetul dns; The Hexing Vex Patrick 0:01:58 Hetul 0:02:06 Anne 0:02:36 Quill 0:03:40; Big Monster Patrick 0:04:44 Hetul 0:05:24 Quill 0:10:07 Anne dns



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