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UFIT Run, Mar 08, 2011

Apologies for the late posting of last weeks UFIT Run times! A technical glitch with WordPress was to blame, not me 😉

Tuesday night saw battle resume amongst our regular combatants, Axe Rawlinson, Simon Myers, Hetul Patel, Daryl Harding and Anne Morgan. Joining the “regulars” Tuesday was Quill Potter. Quill runs the Comedy Club check it out!

Stealing the limelight were the 2 usual suspects, Axe for his consistency over the 6 Runs and Simon for once again bettering his Big Monster Top Time, this time by 1 second to 4min 20!

Hetul took out Stairway first up Tuesday, this is a highly competitive first Run and a lot of the regular runners, the slow-twitch guys and girls that shouldn’t be able to do this run quickly, are getting faster and faster! Simon, biding his time for that last big effort, cruised in behind for most runs. Hetul, still recovering from Stairway, slowly worked his way back into the session and Daryl, after 2 weeks in the Maldives, was paying the price! Anne ran strongly and secured a PB on Big Monster and in doing so shaved 1 second off the third placed TT!! Quill, on his 2nd UFIT Run, ran 6 PB’s!!

So a great effort all-round team, see you out there next week! Top Times here and Tuesdays times follow –

Stairway to Heaving Hetul 0:01:23 Axe 0:01:30 Daryl 0:01:32 Simon 0:01:33 Anne 0:02:11 Quill 0:02:13; Main Street Axe 0:03:13 Simon 0:03:17 Daryl 0:03:29 Hetul 0:03:36 Anne 0:03:59 Quill 0:04:44; No Picnic at Raffles Axe 0:01:35 Simon 0:01:37 Hetul 0:01:39 Daryl 0:01:39 Anne 0:02:13 Quill 0:02:46; Hill St Blues Axe 0:02:33 Simon 0:02:37 Hetul 0:02:57 Daryl 0:03:16 Quill 0:04:03 Anne dns; The Hexing Vex Axe 0:01:50 Daryl 0:01:51 Simon 0:01:59 Hetul 0:02:16 Anne 0:02:26 Quill 0:03:13; Big Monster Simon 0:04:20 Axe 0:04:36 Anne 0:05:08 Daryl 0:05:19 Hetul 0:05:45 Quill 0:07:14



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