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UFIT Run, May 17, 2011

After an age and after a BIG commitment to re-blogging I have finally again got here to write up UFIT Run from Tuesday. 6 Ufitters, a Public Holiday and 4 “virgin” Runners including a triallist whom until now has not been heard of since…..Knotty (Chris Knott) starred, running a Total Elapsed Time 1 second faster than the record he held previously (14.48 to 14.47)!! Plus on debut Andrew Prentice shattered Chris’ record on Main St by 2 seconds! This spurred Knotty on to go equal the record at No Picnic at Raffles at 1min 25, jointly held by Jason Parry and Axe Rawlinson. So we had a thunderous start to the session! The pace was hot and it couldn’t last, we were an hour earlier than usual being a Public Holiday so it was still quite warm 🙂 Nevertheless, the Running Couple, Al and Anne Morgan put in great efforts all day, Stuart Hau never dropped out of the Top 3 (well, until the last, the Big Monster!) and triallist Amy Fu was a star on her UFIT debut! Awesome stuff, next week it’s UFIT Core with Alex, see you there!

For Top Times click on this link

Stairway to Heaving Chris 0:01:15 Stuart 0:01:17 Andrew 0:01:19 Alastair 0:01:42 Anne 0:01:47 Amy 0:01:48; Main Street Andrew 0:02:53 Chris 0:03:02 Stuart 0:03:34 Anne 0:04:04 Alastair 0:04:15 Amy 0:04:21; No Picnic at Raffles Chris 0:01:25 Andrew 0:01:40 Stuart 0:01:50 Alastair 0:02:10 Anne 0:02:10 Amy 0:02:14; Hill St Blues Chris 0:02:35 Andrew 0:02:47 Stuart 0:03:04 Amy 0:03:43 Alastair 0:03:46 Anne 0:03:56; The Hexing Vex Andrew 0:01:48 Chris 0:01:52 Stuart 0:02:19 Anne 0:02:28 Alastair 0:02:32 Amy 0:02:39; Big Monster Chris 0:04:38 Andrew 0:05:01 Anne 0:05:42 Alastair 0:06:06 Stuart 0:06:27 Amy 0:06:29



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UFIT Run, 29.03.2011 & 05.04.2011

Oops a bit late with both of these….sorry guys! The last UFIT Run of March saw a FREE session and slightly bigger numbers as a result! 8 Ufitters tearing it up, as always! A really great session ensued with 3 different guys winning 2 runs each, Patrick Donaldson storming “Stairway” to begin with in 1min 17!! Hetul Patel ran a close 2nd and in the women’s side of things Gabby Kelly ran a strong 1min 41! The second run, “Main St” saw Patrick again dominate with Simon Myers getting in second and Daryl Harding emerging from the pack for third! Gabby again won the womens section and she would go on to win all 6 runs! The third run, No Picnic at Raffles, Daryl took out as he did The Vexing Hex. Hill St Blues and the long run of the night, Big Monster belonged to Simon! In fact Simon yet again, lowered his record on Big Monster, shaving a further second off his record to have it now standing at 4min 19sec! Outstanding! Well done on the night also to Anita Downey, Quill Potter, Lisa McWilliams! Lisa was on debut, giving Run a crack and did really well! Anita ran 4 strong runs with times as good as ever, but Run bit back on the last 2! And Quill for the first time went under 2mins for Stairway and under 3mins for Vexing! Great session team!

Tuesday the 5th saw Hetul Patel take a big spill going down the stairs on Stairway to Heaving, landing on his hands and continuing on! Legendary! On a wet evening where fast times were not possible, 4 Ufitters for this edition nevertheless Patrick Donaldson was ON FIRE!! Five wins out of 6!! Simon Myers not being denied on his specialty run Big Monster! Anita Downey contributing some good times as she always does!

Here we go –


Stairway to Heaving Patrick 0:01:17 Hetul 0:01:20 Simon 0:01:29 Daryl 0:01:29 Gabby 0:01:41 Anita 0:01:50 Quill 0:01:56 Lisa 0:02:01; Main Street Patrick 0:03:09 Simon 0:03:15 Daryl 0:03:29 Hetul 0:03:50 Gabby 0:04:05 Anita 0:04:34 Lisa 0:04:35 Quill 0:04:58; No Picnic at Raffles Daryl 0:01:31 Patrick 0:01:34 Simon 0:01:39 Hetul 0:01:43 Gabby 0:02:01 Quill 0:02:13 Anita 0:02:17 Lisa 0:02:18; Hill St Blues Simon 0:02:33 Patrick 0:02:42 Hetul 0:02:59 Daryl 0:03:16 Gabby 0:03:45 Anita 0:03:52 Lisa 0:04:13 Quill 0:04:17; The Hexing Vex Daryl 0:01:51 Patrick 0:02:01 Simon 0:02:02 Hetul 0:02:18 Gabby 0:02:25 Quill 0:02:40 Lisa 0:02:49 Anita 0:03:03; Big Monster Simon 0:04:19 Patrick 0:04:42 Daryl 0:06:04 Gabby 0:06:29 Lisa 0:07:09 Anita 0:07:32 Quill 0:07:45 Hetul dns


Stairway to Heaving Patrick 0:01:37 Hetul 0:01:42 Simon 0:01:44 Anita 0:02:01; Main Street Patrick 0:03:12 Simon 0:03:24 Hetul 0:03:37 Anita 0:04:28; No Picnic at Raffles Patrick 0:01:32 Simon 0:01:46 Hetul 0:01:48 Anita 0:02:23; Hill St Blues Patrick 0:02:39 Simon 0:02:51 Hetul 0:03:07 Anita 0:03:52; The Hexing Vex Patrick 0:01:59 Simon 0:02:04 Hetul 0:02:17 Anita 0:03:01; Big Monster Simon 0:04:23 Patrick 0:04:31 Hetul 0:05:51 Anita 0:07:21


UFIT Run, Mar 22, 2011

After a non-event last week UFIT Run was back in action with 4 Ufitters and a Trainer trying to keep up! It was Grant (Axe) Rawlinson’s last UFIT Run before he heads off in a couple of weeks for his attempt on Everest. He swept the field in the first 5 runs but the champion of the Big Monster, Simon Myers denied him a 6-sweep by taking out the last!

After some rain during the day, the slippery surface meant records would not fall last night but some very good times were posted nevertheless. Anita Downey-Parry ran hard all night achieving 6 PB’s including beating her Hill St PB by 11 seconds and her Big Monster time by a whopping 40 seconds!! And remember this was on a slippery surface!

Quill Potter continues to improve his running on every outing and then there was me……lol. Poor effort, I think I was laughing too much at Axe’s attempts to cheat Selina!

All in all an excellent session last night, well done to everyone! The Top Times are here and the times for last night are as follows. By the way if you have never done UFIT Run, the session next week WILL BE FREE!! Yes no one that does UFIT Run next week will be charged a session (this includes members and non-members alike) so put it on your schedule now!! –

Stairway to Heaving Axe 0:01:36 Simon 0:01:40 Darren 0:01:46 Anita 0:01:57 Quill 0:02:20; Main Street Axe 0:03:11 Darren 0:03:17 Simon 0:03:22 Anita 0:04:47 Quill 0:04:54; No Picnic at Raffles Axe 0:01:36 Darren 0:01:36 Simon 0:01:46 Anita 0:02:15 Quill 0:02:32; Hill St Blues Axe 0:02:51 Simon 0:02:53 Darren 0:03:08 Anita 0:03:58 Quill 0:04:11; The Hexing Vex Axe 0:01:55 Darren 0:01:58 Simon 0:02:06 Anita 0:02:51 Quill 0:03:05; Big Monster Simon 0:04:23 Axe 0:04:46 Darren 0:05:00 Anita 0:06:58 Quill 0:07:22



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UFIT Run, Mar 08, 2011

Apologies for the late posting of last weeks UFIT Run times! A technical glitch with WordPress was to blame, not me 😉

Tuesday night saw battle resume amongst our regular combatants, Axe Rawlinson, Simon Myers, Hetul Patel, Daryl Harding and Anne Morgan. Joining the “regulars” Tuesday was Quill Potter. Quill runs the Comedy Club check it out!

Stealing the limelight were the 2 usual suspects, Axe for his consistency over the 6 Runs and Simon for once again bettering his Big Monster Top Time, this time by 1 second to 4min 20!

Hetul took out Stairway first up Tuesday, this is a highly competitive first Run and a lot of the regular runners, the slow-twitch guys and girls that shouldn’t be able to do this run quickly, are getting faster and faster! Simon, biding his time for that last big effort, cruised in behind for most runs. Hetul, still recovering from Stairway, slowly worked his way back into the session and Daryl, after 2 weeks in the Maldives, was paying the price! Anne ran strongly and secured a PB on Big Monster and in doing so shaved 1 second off the third placed TT!! Quill, on his 2nd UFIT Run, ran 6 PB’s!!

So a great effort all-round team, see you out there next week! Top Times here and Tuesdays times follow –

Stairway to Heaving Hetul 0:01:23 Axe 0:01:30 Daryl 0:01:32 Simon 0:01:33 Anne 0:02:11 Quill 0:02:13; Main Street Axe 0:03:13 Simon 0:03:17 Daryl 0:03:29 Hetul 0:03:36 Anne 0:03:59 Quill 0:04:44; No Picnic at Raffles Axe 0:01:35 Simon 0:01:37 Hetul 0:01:39 Daryl 0:01:39 Anne 0:02:13 Quill 0:02:46; Hill St Blues Axe 0:02:33 Simon 0:02:37 Hetul 0:02:57 Daryl 0:03:16 Quill 0:04:03 Anne dns; The Hexing Vex Axe 0:01:50 Daryl 0:01:51 Simon 0:01:59 Hetul 0:02:16 Anne 0:02:26 Quill 0:03:13; Big Monster Simon 0:04:20 Axe 0:04:36 Anne 0:05:08 Daryl 0:05:19 Hetul 0:05:45 Quill 0:07:14



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UFIT Run, March 01, 2011

The FUN resumed Tuesday after a cancelled session last week and man, did the Team bring the PAIN! It was a highly competitive session and for this reason alone I can’t understand why more of our type-A’s at UFIT aren’t rocking up to have a go? Race against other fit people, get fitter, have fun and achieve a huge sense of accomplishment after scoring a PB or 2, or a Top Time or 2!!

Before I go any further an apology! Back on the 18th of January, Adam Deutsch ran a 1min 28 on No Picnic at Raffles (the day Axe ran a record equalling 1min 25). His time was not placed on the TT’s, it now is, sorry maaaate!

So back to Tuesday, 5 ROCK-STARS turned up and did the business! And what close racing it turned out to be! The star of the show, mountain-man Axe Rawlinson etched his name into the record books with an equal 3rd TT at Main St and an equal 2nd TT at Hill St Blues.

But that wasn’t the only story, not by a margin! On Stairway to Heaving Hetul Patel and Patrick Donaldson were right on Axe’s heals with equal 1min 23’s! Interestingly Patrick has run a 1min18 on this run 🙂 But for Hetul it was a PB by 3 seconds! Hetul is a self-confessed non-stairs runner but he PB’ed not only at Stairway but also at his UFIT Run nemesis Hill St Blues where he sub-3’ed (2min 59) for the first time!

Completing the quintet Tuesday were Run stalwarts Simon Myers and Anne Morgan. As usual these 2 hard runners put in top efforts all around Fort, Simon failing by just 2 seconds to equal his own record TT on Big Monster.

So that was UFIT Run for another week, want to have a go?? It really is fun and it really is hard work so if you need a shot of adrenaline to your workout routine, come try UFIT Run! You can find our list of Top Times here, the times for Tuesday as follows –

Stairway to Heaving Axe 0:01:20 Hetul 0:01:23 Patrick 0:01:23 Simon 0:01:30 Anne 0:02:46; Main Street Axe 0:02:59 Patrick 0:03:02 Simon 0:03:17 Hetul 0:03:37 Anne 0:03:55; No Picnic at Raffles Axe 0:01:29 Simon 0:01:33 Patrick 0:01:38 Hetul 0:01:44 Anne 0:01:58; Hill St Blues Axe 0:02:33 Simon 0:02:35 Patrick 0:02:42 Hetul 0:02:59 Anne 0:03:56; The Hexing Vex Patrick 0:01:48 Axe 0:01:51 Simon 0:01:59 Hetul 0:02:10 Anne 0:02:25; Big Monster Simon 0:04:23 Patrick 0:04:51 Axe 0:05:11 Anne 0:05:24 Hetul 0:05:30



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UFIT Run, Feb 15, 2011

A wet and wild afternoon proved no obstacle to our dedicated Ufitters cranking out UFIT Run last night! Clearly impacting on times however, the slippery surfaces not creating optimal conditions for record-setting! Joining established UFIT Run’ers Anne Morgan, Hetul Patel and Patrick Donaldson was triallist Quill, one of the guys responsible for bringing us the Comedy Club! Patrick, even considering the wet conditions, improved his times from last week’s pretty quick session remarkably well! Hetul had a mixed bag night with a couple of improvements whilst Anne had a night of consolidation with times slightly off from last week 😦 Nevertheless, a cool evening and great comraderie amongst the team! See you next week!

Stairway to Heaving Patrick 0:01:30 Hetul 0:01:31 Anne 0:01:56 Quill 0:02:37; Main Street Patrick 0:03:08 Hetul 0:03:29 Anne 0:03:53 Quill 0:05:36; No Picnic at Raffles Patrick 0:01:36 Hetul 0:01:42 Anne 0:02:06 Quill 0:02:50; Hill St Blues Patrick 0:02:53 Anne 0:03:54 Quill 0:04:34 Hetul dns; The Hexing Vex Patrick 0:01:58 Hetul 0:02:06 Anne 0:02:36 Quill 0:03:40; Big Monster Patrick 0:04:44 Hetul 0:05:24 Quill 0:10:07 Anne dns



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UFIT Run, Feb 8, 2011

Last night’s unofficial theme at UFIT Run was, “Beat the Trainer” as I went along and joined in the fun with Selly taking the session. And the Team took it on-board with very competitive runs all through the hour. Simon Myers again broke his record on Big Monster, powering out early and dropping us all as he sped to a 4min 21sec record shaving 2 secs off his previous PB!! He also grabbed the 3rd place TT on Hill St Blues after dropping the Trainer at the top of the stairs….. Anne Morgan ran strongly all night and secured third place outright on Monster after sharing it with Courtney Sherwood for several weeks. In fact Anne ran several PB’s last night and she has been consistently dropping her PB’s on all runs this year. Last night she set 3 new PB’s and equalled another! Patrick Donaldson started the session like he meant business by blasting around Stairway to Heaving in 1min 18sec and almost immediately “beating the Trainer” but not quite as I managed to draw with him at the last step! His time was enough for him to grab a share of 3rd place TT!! In the performance of the night, Daryl Harding ran 5 PB’s!! His runs on Main St and the Vexing Hex the highlights running in second place in both runs. Daryl is going from strength to strength and he is able to gauge his progress by participating in UFIT Run on a regular basis 🙂 Lastly and on any other night, Hetul Patel would have grabbed that accolade after he also smashed out 5 PB’s!! He did have a dns for Hill St but nevertheless ran as well as he ever has a Run and put down some great times, well done to him! All TT’s can be found on the UFIT Website

Stairway to Heaving Patrick 0:01:18 Darren 0:01:18 Hetul 0:01:26 Simon 0:01:28 Daryl 0:01:32 Anne 0:01:49; Main Street Darren 0:03:08 Daryl 0:03:13 Simon 0:03:15 Patrick 0:03:36 Hetul 0:03:38 Anne 0:03:48; No Picnic at Raffles Darren 0:01:34 Patrick 0:01:35 Simon 0:01:38 Daryl 0:01:43 Hetul 0:01:50 Anne 0:01:56; Hill St Blues Simon 0:02:36 Darren 0:02:42 Patrick 0:03:04 Daryl 0:03:13 Anne 0:03:34 Hetul dns; The Hexing Vex Darren 0:01:49 Daryl 0:01:53 Simon 0:02:00 Hetul 0:02:06 Patrick 0:02:20 Anne 0:02:26; Big Monster Simon 0:04:21 Darren 0:04:47 Anne 0:05:09 Patrick 0:05:17 Hetul 0:05:26 Daryl 0:05:31



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